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10 Million Teachers Influencing Students

12/10/2011 21:45:18 PM

Intel Teach: 10 Million Teachers Influencing 300 Million Students. Intel corporation is well known for their forays into educational development and assisting with the ongoing battle between educators, the educated and dwindling school budgets around the world. With their latest campaign, the Intel ..

Tits and bits about heat pumps

12/08/2011 00:17:14 AM

  Heat pumps are normally utilized as both a heating as well as cooling system. Numerous houses include heat sends as their heating and cooling systems. When the heat sends are typically getting used as an air conditioning device a home, it collects heat in the air inside the home as well as pu..

Xbox 360 fall dashboard update

12/07/2011 02:32:39 AM

Xbox 360 fall dashboard update - Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard update 2011 Video Service screenshots.  Still haven't received that fresh new Xbox 360dashboard update? Don't worry, no one else has either. Major Nelson tweeted "The timing for ..

Get Rid of the VoIP Phones

12/01/2011 04:36:29 AM

The VoIP technology is gaining more and more recognition every day. This, of course, is quite natural if you look at all the great features that VoIP offers to its users. Features, like the fact that the user can make cheap international calls  over the internet, while the traditional telecommu..

Phantom Roaming

11/28/2011 08:25:29 AM

Phantom Roaming isn't some episode of Scooby-Doo or similar animated series about mysteries and ghost. Phantom roaming is actually very serious problem which can happen to anyone who takes his/ her mobile phone on a trip abroad. The term phantom roaming means that you will get charged for using data..

PlantBook: the eco-friendly laptop that mimics nature

11/28/2011 04:24:53 AM

Lately there is a lot of information running through the Internet regarding the energy impact of our daily use of laptop computers. In this context was developed the PlantBook project, an ecological laptop computer that keeps on surprising the whole world. Its design is elegant and attract..

How to Make Cheap Calls to Canada

11/24/2011 03:35:56 AM

When we make an international phone call we often hesitate because it can cost a lot. Lots of people have faced this problem. Because of this many people are trying to reduce those calls to minimum. If you have a close friend or a relative living in Canada which you want to call, read further on for..

Apple Approaches Thai Education Ministry

11/23/2011 21:32:46 PM

Apple approaches Thai Education Ministry. Educational Technology. Computer giant Apple has expressed interest in making a deal to supply its tablet computers to the Education Ministry for use in Thai schools.A delegation from Apple Inc met Education Minister Woravat Au-apinyakul on Monday and propos..

Review: HTC Radar 4G a Windows Phone

11/21/2011 13:37:10 PM

In this tough and ever changing business environment, mobile phone companies are introducing new and more advanced models. Each one of them tries to add some feature to the existing list. HTC has also introduced a new phone known as Radar 4G. This phone is working on the new operating system de..

The 10 cool and useful shortcuts for iOS 5 by Tech-Logik

11/21/2011 13:34:27 PM

Apple’s latest OS for its hugely popular iPhone and iPad, the iOS 5, comes packed with several new and exciting features. The iOS 5 boasts of features that were needed by several iOS users. The new OS also has copy and paste facility. Paying heed to the demands of the users, Apple has int..

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