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Diatribe: Dead Christmas Trees Make Me Sad.

09/18/2012 09:03:16 AM

I'm pretty certain I inherited my love of Christmas decorating from my mother.  As a youngster, decorating for the holidays each year was a family affair.  Nativity scenes, reindeer, snowmen and Santas would come down from the attic to find their places on walls and tabletop..

What Does Sustainability Mean to People?

08/27/2012 10:47:16 AM

So I write this blog about sustainability and suddenly a thought occurs, just what does sustainability mean to people? By people I mean every day people, I have studied a related degree for the past three years so maybe I have a different insight to sustainability than everyday people in very differ..

Congestion: Getting sustainability moving

08/21/2012 14:03:59 PM

Taken from my blog at: Welcome to the first ever of my monthly blog entries, well done for finding it and please do share it (unless it's really rubbish, then hide it where it cannot be found). The inspiration from this first entry came whilst sitting at a standstil..

Make your mark with home improvement marketing

05/22/2012 12:53:52 PM

In anything we do, performance should always be the number one objective for our success and unless you strive for that goal, your future plans could turn out to be a miserable failure. The Home Energy Team is the kind of association that promotes the solid acceleration of those professionals they c..

Environmental Education Regenerated in China

04/05/2012 06:13:46 AM

Environmental Education Regenerated in China. Eleven years ago, Chen Zhibiao, a student at the College of Geographical Sciences of Fujian Normal University, chose to stay in Changting to conduct his doctoral research. Chen, who was 39 at the time, said the decision was inspired by the p..

Project Idea: How Does Intrusive Volcanism Change the Shape of the Earth's Crust?

04/04/2012 03:58:26 AM

Project Idea: How Does Intrusive Volcanism Change the Shape of the Earth's Crust? PROBLEMHow does intrusive volcanism (movement beneath the earth's surface) change the shape of the earth's crust?Material * knife (to be used only by an adult)* clear plastic drinking glass* scissors* large tube of too..

Ideas for Earth Hour

03/30/2012 12:57:03 PM

March 31st 2012 between 8.30 and 9.30 pm EST is Earth Hour when everyone is encouraged to turn off the lights, power down and save energy.  This is a great time to get together with family, friends and neighbours.  Together you could : 1.  Hold a candle lit pot luck super. 2.  St..

The Tombs in Egypt

03/13/2012 04:39:58 AM

Egypt wouldn't be the same place without its great royal tombs. A significant part of the country's income is a result of the ancient monuments and the greatest of them all are the places where the rulers were buried. The most famous of them all are the Great Pyramids of the Giza necropolis. However..

An Inconvenient Lie

02/29/2012 23:12:20 PM

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC - a body of 2,500 or so leading scientists in 130 countries) states that humans have caused the rise in our Earth’s temperature.  The Earth’s climate change is directly related to the exponential rise of our indu..

Ovation: Water Bottles Banned At Grand Canyon.

02/10/2012 08:31:18 AM

I used to go to a lot of hockey games.  Hockey fans are a wild bunch, rowdy and fun and loud … and thirsty!  They’d spend outrageous amounts of money on huge cans of draft beer, “souvenir cups” of soda and the occasional bottle of water.  As time went on and b..

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