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Plural-21, a unique association in the world

07/07/2011 13:49:29 PM Watch this interesting video Plural-21 is a unique association in the world. What does Plural-21 promote? There is a vital force that moves everything and provides each one of us with an infallible self-healing system. Avant..

Interview with Masanobu Fukuoka – a revolutionary farming concept

07/06/2011 14:16:40 PM

Masanobu Fukuoka, with his grizzled white beard, subdued voice, and traditional Oriental working clothes, may not seem like an apt prototype of a successful innovative farmer. Nor does it, at first glance, appear possible that his rice fields—riotous jungles of tangled weeds, clover, and grai..

Cells respond to our thoughts

07/05/2011 14:54:26 PM

Thanks to Dr Candice Bert (former Chief of Molecular Biology of the National Institute for Health)we are beginning to understand the mind, the body and the spirit (if you want to call it this way). Years ago she discovered the endorphines and, consequently, the neuropeptides, currently be..

What The Bleep Do We Know? (documentary)

07/03/2011 07:44:18 AM

The documentary film What The Bleep Do We Know? raises an important philosophical and scientific debate. It constitutes a new attempt to bring closer to the general public interesting questions that represent a profound revolution. It is based on the knowledge about elementary particles wi..

Interview with Gunter Pauli, creator of the Blue Economy

06/30/2011 15:58:34 PM

Gunter Pauli founded and directs ZERI, the “Zero Emissions Research Initiative” of the United Nations University in Tokyo, redesigning manufacturing processes into non-polluting clusters of industries. He is the creatror of the so-called “Blue Economy“, a system where t..

Quinton marine plasma, nectar of the ocean

06/29/2011 03:57:16 AM

Quinton Marine Plasma is a natural marine solution that has been harvested since 1897 from a unique vortex plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean. In this location, biological activity known as Biocenosis - an interaction among all minerals and trace elements, organic matter, microbes,..


01/20/2011 03:37:08 AM

DEADLINE: APRIL 7Th, 2011.  ACTIVITIES: Photovoltaics Productivity and cost optimization issues for the manufacturing of photovoltaic systems based on concentration Development and demonstration of standardized building components  Wind Demonstration of innovative ..

Autistic Children Could be Assisted By Trained Dogs

08/23/2010 10:08:10 AM

There is a rising number of children with autism. Since autism needs special treatments, there is a huge demand of special education for children with autism. One of the latest methods used in special education for autism children is using service dogs to assist them to become independence.  ..


03/06/2010 15:19:34 PM

Imagine walking through an alien forest. Above you rise crystal clear stalks, pliable trunks if you will, made of nearly translucent strands called hyphae. The outside of these hyphae bears an armor-like material akin to that of an insect, called chitin, and inside the cells are nearly continu..

Lessons from My Tarantula

03/06/2010 15:16:22 PM

This morning from atop my slowly stiffening mattress I noticed an odd movement from the tarantula tank on my bedside desk. My chilean rose hair tarantula stood on her tip toes, oscillating her abdomen like a paintbrush as she drew web over the doorway to her log home. Her spinnerets (the stick..

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