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Is Occupy Wall Street Censored?

Posted on 10/19/2011 07:57:57 AM

  In ancient Rome, censor is an officer who is responsible for supervising morality of the people and administrating the state finances. Today, it is the finance which “supervises“ people’s morals. A Syrian activist chanting in the streets of the city of Hama responds peacefully ...

In Search of the Meaning of the Occupation Movement

Posted on 10/17/2011 06:41:18 PM

One of the human species’ defining traits may be our need to find meaning. We are born into a world that seems devoid of objective purpose, yet we strive all the same to create and express subjective values, understanding, one hopes, that these senses of meaning are personal and not necessarily ...

The Debate Over Symbols At Occupy Portland

Posted on 10/17/2011 06:40:30 PM

Two debates at the general assembly on October 9th stood out to me as possibly being thematically linked: the issue of whether or not to adopt the US flag as an official symbol of Occupy Portland and the issue of occupying or ceding Main Street, the bit of road between our twin encampments. I saw ...

Somalia: What do they really need?

Posted on 10/11/2011 03:33:59 PM

Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”.  He would be surprised if he could see how insanely the international community engages with Somalia. The unfortunate country of the horn of Africa once again has drawn world’s ...

Foreign Aid: Virtue or New Colonialism?

Posted on 10/10/2011 03:33:24 PM

A bulk of the literature on foreign aid is centered on a simple question: Does it work?  The assumption of aid having a positive impact on growth remained scientifically almost unchallenged during the 1950s and 1960s. Since the late 1960s, empirical research has dealt with the aid-growth relationship ...

Arab Spring: Why Now?

Posted on 10/07/2011 09:19:25 AM

In his famous book “Third Wave: Democratization in the late 20th Century”, Samuel Huntington makes a remarkable analysis of democratization processes that took place in the East Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa between 1970-1990. His analysis is based on five pillars; erosion on legitimacy, ...

Start changing the world from home: from online awareness to offline activism

Posted on 10/05/2011 04:05:16 AM

Truths and lies. Lights and shadows. Verified articles and biased opinions. During the last few years, the global network Internet has generated more information than the entire mankind after centuries of history. Without even noticing it, we have evolved from a lack of information about tons of topics ...

In the Shadow of the Tea Party Revolt: Where are the Jobs, Jobs Jobs?

Posted on 09/05/2011 09:47:28 AM

      We are just two months away from the anniversary of the mid-term election of 2010, the oft-celebrated "Tea Party Revolt" by the Right.  Tea Party Republicans swept into the 2010 mid-terms, riding mountains of cash from a select few special interests, funding a few dozen astroturf ...

Educating the public representatives of tomorrow?

Posted on 09/05/2011 08:32:26 AM

In the UK, as like in the rest of the world, we rely on qualified professionals to undertake valuable work.We insist that only highly qualified doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals look after us when we are ill, injured or need help. We look for trained and qualified tradesmen to build our house's, ...

"Give a man some money and he can survive. Give a man a job and he can live."

Posted on 09/05/2011 08:27:42 AM

There is an old proverb that goes like this:"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."Quite a few of you will recognise that saying. Being a proverb it is a short expression of popular wisdom. I have taken this old proverb and adapted ...

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