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Exactly what are your freedoms?

Posted on 01/22/2013 09:11:12 PM

2nd Amendment rights? With all the talk about gun control and the 2nd amendment to the Bill of Rights you may be asking, "Exactly what are your freedoms?"  The is what the Sunday Night Blog has been asking:  It se..

An infamy shared......

Posted on 12/18/2012 11:29:27 AM

By her own account, Nancy Lanza was the mother of a disturbed boy, a painfully shy misfit, an odd piece in the puzzle that is our society.  Did she help him to overcome this?  Did she make every effort to support him in his efforts to find a place for himself among us?  To teach him t..

Guns don’t kill people, people kill blah, blah, bullshit!

Posted on 12/14/2012 08:15:15 PM

True, guns don’t kill people.  Angry, deranged, disturbed, people do.  People with a grudge, people with something to prove, people wanting notoriety, people with an agenda.  But all those madmen (of the 43 mass shootings in this country in the last twenty or so years, only one ..

Insurance is not a want, it is a need

Posted on 11/23/2012 09:36:20 PM

I have asked myself the question on more than one occasion, why would I want to purchase for insurance for myself and is it really that important that I spend the extra cash, (which I really do not have) for a result that will more than likely never benefit me any time in the future.The answer to th..

There is a season for everything

Posted on 11/23/2012 09:33:52 PM

Children are considered as a blessing to those who have one, that is of course until they begin to act up and cause you to increase your ratio of gray hairs. The fact of the matter is that as parents we love our children, regardless and remain focused on how we can help them.At the first sign of tro..

Is Red or Blue, Merely a State of The Mind?

Posted on 11/20/2012 07:49:25 PM

In two studies done on the brain in 2011, one in California and one in London, researchers looking for the same thing wanted to know if political affiliation could be discerned with a brain scan, or a simple test.Researchers in London tested subjects who either stated themselves as being liberal or ..

To Secede, or Not To Secede, That Is The Question: Red States, Sore Losers, and Racism

Posted on 11/20/2012 07:29:45 PM

Recently, a petition was created by a Louisiana man requesting that Louisiana be allowed to secede from the Union. According to the rules on the White House website, any petition that receives over 25,000 votes will get a response. Within days the petition had more than 12,000 signatures. Then sudde..

The value of clear vision

Posted on 11/20/2012 06:19:57 PM

It is very possible that some of us can take the lights around us for granted, that is of course until they go out on us. Just think Super Storm Sandy and you will see what I mean. As Julia quickly realized after being pulled over by a police officer, something as simple as a tail light going out ca..

Keeping up with the bills...vidpro

Posted on 11/15/2012 05:33:42 AM

Our leaders are having a tough time keeping the financial house in order and that can be seen with the jobs that we keep losing. In order to be considered as successful our beloved leadership should be able to maintain some semblance of improvement. When members of society find themselves unable to ..

Laying the groundwork...vidpro

Posted on 11/15/2012 05:32:42 AM

For some of us the way we are forced to grow up can be difficult at best and although there are options that we can take to improve our lifestyles we become so stubborn in our thinking that we allow ourselves to surrender to the environment, before taking the necessary steps to take control of our l..

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