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To Secede, or Not To Secede, That Is The Question: Red States, Sore Losers, and Racism

11/20/2012 19:29:45 PM

Recently, a petition was created by a Louisiana man requesting that Louisiana be allowed to secede from the Union. According to the rules on the White House website, any petition that receives over 25,000 votes will get a response. Within days the petition had more than 12,000 signatures. Then sudde..

The value of clear vision

11/20/2012 18:19:57 PM

It is very possible that some of us can take the lights around us for granted, that is of course until they go out on us. Just think Super Storm Sandy and you will see what I mean. As Julia quickly realized after being pulled over by a police officer, something as simple as a tail light going out ca..

Keeping up with the bills...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:33:42 AM

Our leaders are having a tough time keeping the financial house in order and that can be seen with the jobs that we keep losing. In order to be considered as successful our beloved leadership should be able to maintain some semblance of improvement. When members of society find themselves unable to ..

Laying the groundwork...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:32:42 AM

For some of us the way we are forced to grow up can be difficult at best and although there are options that we can take to improve our lifestyles we become so stubborn in our thinking that we allow ourselves to surrender to the environment, before taking the necessary steps to take control of our l..

So many options, so much time...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:31:35 AM

Not every open source software or operating system is as good as the ones they are trying to replace, but you have to admit that it is good to know they are out there. I have been talking about Ubuntu as an alternative to Windows operating systems for some time now and I will probably continue to ta..

Worth making the move...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:30:38 AM

Ralph was offered an opportunity for a better position with his company and because of the fact that it would give him a much improved financial portfolio, not to mention better working conditions he decided that he would take it, the only problem was he had to move to Calgary to get it. With the im..

Making plans for the future...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:29:26 AM

If you happen to be driving through Hillsborough county, more specifically the city of Tampa, you will see the familiar whale's tale across the skyline. The port of Tampa facilities has been hosting ships to berth for some time now, however, the ships appear incapable of carrying enough passengers t..

Sticking with the plan...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:28:23 AM

When we don't spend the appropriate amount of time taking part in some sort of exercise routine it usually means that our ability to shed unwanted pounds is greatly hampered. Most of us are fully aware of how to exercise, yet when it comes to workout exercises we fall short of what is expected of us..

Knowing the sex ahead of time...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:27:14 AM

The news was good, but Marie was not sure that she was ready to tell everyone that she was expecting a baby as yet. Because she was only a few weeks pregnant, some would suggest that it was bad luck to say anything too soon in the pregnancy. This was the first child for Scott and Marie and..

Forget the GPS, use a map instead...vidpro

11/15/2012 05:26:15 AM

"Whether you live in an apartment building or a single unit, when it comes to the home you live in there will likely be a plaque of some sort showing off your address and number of your house. Some addresses are painted on to mailboxes, while others have the address for the house somewhere on the bu..

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