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Making a Mockery of the Elderly

07/06/2014 17:56:33 PM

All of us enjoy having flowers or bows stuck or glued to our heads, don't we? If we don't, why would we make such a disrespectful display of an elderly woman celebrating her 116th birthday? She loves it, doesn't she? Sure she does. She probably didn't have anything to say about this disgusting disp..

Immigration Fears Fueled by Kids

07/02/2014 13:58:48 PM

Children, in incredible numbers, are crossing the borders of the US and they are coming unaccompanied in most instances. The number that will make the treacherous journey this year is expected to reach 90K and that's just in 2014. In 2015, the number of children will skyrocket to 142K ..

You're Not a Dummy or an Idiot

06/29/2014 08:17:35 AM

Words have nuclear potential in terms of their effect, usually negative, on curiosity, self-esteem and joy. They can be unbelievably cruel in their intent or foolishly dismissive. Language, in fact, plays a major role in how we perceive ourselves and others and for that reason I, for one, bristle wh..

The Watchers You Don't Watch

06/15/2014 22:20:37 PM

None of us needs to have any instruction on how hard a recession can hit not only our pocketbooks, but our psyche but a new research study out of Europe has provided the extent of the cost in human lives. Undoubtedly, during a recession the steady decline of personal finance and the choppi..

Powerful Levers and Not All in Guns

06/13/2014 15:22:39 PM

Levers have made most things in our lives possible. They enable huge bits of stone, steel beams or machinery to be lifted by a single person working in a little tin box on wheels. The ancient Egyptians probably used some form of levers and pulleys to erect their stone monuments to their nobility. To..

Ho Hum, Another College Shooting

06/06/2014 11:20:25 AM

Again and again we hear reports of shootings in colleges and there's righteous outrage expressed by those most affected, but where does it go? Where is the multi-systemic solution that will truly address this rightfully demonstrated anger and outpouring of grief with the cry that, “It must st..

The Kid Who Stabbed 20 Students in His High School

04/10/2014 12:28:31 PM

The drums are beating furiously and all of the media bookers are trying to dig out the experts who can appear on all the news programs to wax intelligently on Alex Hribal’s horrific attack on students in his high school. Twenty students were stabbed, most in the abdomen or back, and at least t..

Stop Human Trafficking - Human Trafficking Is A Serious Problem You can Help

02/02/2014 17:30:24 PM

Stop human trafficking - Human trafficking is no more a concern that influences one country. The method has become so widespread that many individuals that find out about it like discovering ways of reducing it. You could assist quit human trafficking by discovering a few of the basic things you hav..

TX is #1 Business State AGAIN - Eden Pool Service in Conroe Explains Why TX is Best

11/21/2013 13:46:24 PM

Texas is the #1 State for Business again in 2013 because of low regulations and a business friendly environment. Eden Pro Services is a perfect example of why Texas is the best. They are one of the many new businesses in Texas at a time when many states are losing business. Lets examine what m..

The case for good works

03/31/2013 10:01:48 AM

Charitable Giving As the sequester budget starts to eat into social programs, how will communities deal with the cutbacks mandated by the the federal government?  The Sunday Night Blog believes the answer is you:  The federal gove..

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