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TX is #1 Business State AGAIN - Eden Pool Service in Conroe Explains Why TX is Best

11/21/2013 13:46:24 PM

Texas is the #1 State for Business again in 2013 because of low regulations and a business friendly environment. Eden Pro Services is a perfect example of why Texas is the best. They are one of the many new businesses in Texas at a time when many states are losing business. Lets examine what m..

The case for good works

03/31/2013 10:01:48 AM

Charitable Giving As the sequester budget starts to eat into social programs, how will communities deal with the cutbacks mandated by the the federal government?  The Sunday Night Blog believes the answer is you:  The federal gove..

Why Clutter Tends to Accumulate So Quickly

03/23/2013 10:32:42 AM

Usually the worst enemy of the cozy home is the clutter that accumulates gradually but also steadily throughout the passing time. Given that we hardly really realize its existence till it is already too late, we have to learn to fight clutter even before it has actually affected our home and the so-..

In work place domestic violence - causes of domestic violence

03/20/2013 13:13:09 PM

There are numerous causes of domestic violence, and scenarios vary around all socioeconomic levels and backgrounds. It could appear that a mistreated lady's place of work could be a relief or an escape for them; regrettably, abusers can easily more victimize their partner, also while they go to work..

Whatever is the matter…

03/03/2013 07:09:58 AM

Have you noticed how 99.9% of people seem to be engrossed with their smartphones these days? Times were when people used to read books, or newspapers on their way to work on buses, trains or trams. That had a somewhat sensible and intellectual feel to it. Nowadays, book..

Mothers can be DEADBEATS Too!

02/27/2013 21:17:52 PM

"Deadbeat" parents! Many father are tired of the label of being as "deadbeat" when it comes to paying child support or taking care of there kids.  There are "deadbeat" mothers as well. Don't be fooled that it does not work 2 ways. There are many children who have a "deadbeat" parent! Research ..

Why do you care?

01/28/2013 21:52:57 PM

Seriously, why do you care? It is the question asked this week in the Sunday Night Blog:  Has caring gone out of style?  Charitable giving is down, but is it just a sign of the weak economy?  Have we lost the ability to care abo..

Exactly what are your freedoms?

01/22/2013 21:11:12 PM

2nd Amendment rights? With all the talk about gun control and the 2nd amendment to the Bill of Rights you may be asking, "Exactly what are your freedoms?"  The is what the Sunday Night Blog has been asking:  It se..

An infamy shared......

12/18/2012 11:29:27 AM

By her own account, Nancy Lanza was the mother of a disturbed boy, a painfully shy misfit, an odd piece in the puzzle that is our society.  Did she help him to overcome this?  Did she make every effort to support him in his efforts to find a place for himself among us?  To teach him t..

Guns don’t kill people, people kill blah, blah, bullshit!

12/14/2012 20:15:15 PM

True, guns don’t kill people.  Angry, deranged, disturbed, people do.  People with a grudge, people with something to prove, people wanting notoriety, people with an agenda.  But all those madmen (of the 43 mass shootings in this country in the last twenty or so years, only one ..

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