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David Bellow Running for Hardin County Judge to Stop Tax Increases and Wasteful Spending

03/03/2014 10:03:29 AM

Update: David Bellow has been endorsed by many conservative organizations and people such as Judge Paul Pressler, Pro Life Nation, American Gun Rights, Texas Home School Coalition, and many more!   Hardin County, Texas needs a new face instead of the insider tax and spend group curr..

The Final Debate: A Desperate President Fabricates Unprecedented Fiction

10/23/2012 20:23:52 PM

OK, so I just watched the debate. I can tell you who I think one. But, to be honest I would vote for Romney even if I thought he lost the debate. Obama would have to convince me that he is not a liberal. He did not do that. He would have to convince me that he has America's interests at heart, no..

Who Gives More To Charity, Democrats Or Republicans?

10/16/2012 18:21:55 PM

Now I am not either a Democrat or a Republican but one thing that seems to me to be a reoccuring red herring is that Republicans are greedy people. Usually portrayed as being more greedy than Democrats are, sincde they are for the people so to speak. But are they generous with their own money? Or ju..

Keys to a Romney Victory

05/13/2012 07:02:33 AM

Romney won the Republican nomination more due to the seeming inevitability factor and having by far the most cash to spend and still managed to make it appear almost uncertain as each of his rivals each got one turn to shine and fall. He rode the title of inevitable for all it was worth and proved i..

Mitt Romney's Secret Restaurant Back-Up Plan

03/05/2012 16:52:29 PM

Rumors of Mitt Romney's secret restaurant plan have been swirling around the internet since late January, 2012. Speculations that Governor Romney had a back-up plan in the case of losing the general election appear to have their origin in comments made by high-level Romney advisor Glenn Hubbard..

Ron Paul Finishing 3rd

01/04/2012 03:32:01 AM

I was hoping for atleast a second place finish, but had some hope for a first place performance. I didn’t pay attention for a few days and then ‘bam’ Santorum. With Mitt sitting comfortably as he has the entire primary process and Paul conducting his usual grassroots, as I was ..

Bachmann in Trouble over Extremist Church Views

07/17/2011 10:38:29 AM

July 17, 2011. Woodbury, MN. Is the Catholic Pope really the anti-Christ? There seems to be some confusion over Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s religious views. Normally, political pundits try to steer away from religion. But when any particular candidate cloaks themselves in the..

Through Stanislaw eyes

05/30/2011 14:39:41 PM

My grandfather in first paragraph of his book 'The rape of Poland' has wroten: ''A raging question in Poland has become, "How long will it take them to communize us completely?" . Nowdays, when I want to describe my country, i would just need to write same words. You ask me how it is pos..


06/05/2010 16:06:07 PM

I'm on an anti right wing kick lately, but don't worry, the left's turn is coming up!Looking around the Internet this fine weekend I came across plenty of evidence that the Far Right occasionally plays fast and loose with the truth. Occasionally they will distort, creatively edit, or even fabricat..

Stupid is as stupid does!

05/28/2010 08:41:52 AM

You can intellectualize all you want about people who have strange ideas, but when the reality hits you in the face, it's a double whammy!First, that there really are people like that, and second, that they really are that stupid.Also, this is another reason not to trust or believe politicians whe..

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