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Fair is fair, but not when race is involved

04/26/2012 18:07:01 PM

Delmar drive in Mobil Alabama was the site of an incident that involved the senseless beating of a man who was simply trying to have the street cleared in his neighborhood. Local police are looking for help to round up a group of suspects who went to town on Mathew Owens and severely beat ..

When personal decisions end up affecting your career

04/26/2012 17:58:47 PM

Emily Herx was faithfully performing her duties as a teacher at a Catholic school with no negative feedback whatsoever. Her services at the religious school was never brought into question through all the years that she worked and taught the students there, that was of course until the leaders of th..

Proper legal representation should not be taken for granted

04/26/2012 12:45:55 PM

I have had a few legal issues in my lifetime and thankfully they were all resolved in a timely manner and without any major setbacks, for the most part anyway. The law is a tricky thing for those who don't understand it and that is why it is so important to have a knowledgeable attorney handling you..

Is there an abuse of power

04/23/2012 15:17:08 PM

The whole exercise took close to two minutes, but in the end an officer of the law ended up being suspended after surveillance cameras caught him senselessly beating a schizophrenic man, repeatedly while he was trying to arrest him. The man in question, allegedly, offered some less than fr..

Are all lawyers the same

04/23/2012 13:53:24 PM

 We live in an age where it seems that couples tend to end up at the end of their ropes, more often than not. When relationships go south it seems like one or the other of the married couples, are quite content to give up any chance of a positive end and file papers, in that all too familiar di..

To protect (abuse) and serve (murder)

04/23/2012 11:35:41 AM

Our boys in blue are already in the hot seat for the numerous cases against them for police brutality to have to deal with further legal issues. Before I go any further here, please be advised that I am in no way condemning the job that our officers fulfill on a daily basis. The ..

What not to do when stopped by a police officer

04/23/2012 06:26:16 AM

I wonder what goes through the minds of police officers as they get ready to go on a call. Is it fear, or anticipation that drives them to do some of the things that they do? A police officer is supposed to protect and serve the citizens of this country and particularly those under their j..

Save the aggravation, get it done right the first time

04/23/2012 05:07:59 AM

We live in a time when it seems as though everyone of us has to end up in court for one reason or another. Because of this demand, there is always a need for court reporters to handle depositions. Because of their importance, depositions should only be handled by someone with the ability and knowled..

Taking pride in the work they do

04/19/2012 19:20:53 PM

It is next to impossible to find companies that follow strict lines of ethics today and that can be seen when you look at the scandal that envelops our society as a whole. Many of us have no idea how to respond when they are asked questions about what is ethical. There was a time when companies oper..

When is it right to take matters into our own hands

04/18/2012 07:30:05 AM

If we are to look for an example as to how things might get out of hand in a situation between police and civilians just look at Tottenham for an example for us not to follow. Members of the mainstream police departments have pushed and pushed their abusive nature on to civilians..

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