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Phoenix Police In Search of Parking Lot Stabbing Suspect

Posted on 07/23/2014 09:37:43 PM

Phoenix crime rate is steadily increasing this summer and sometime during Saturday night a man was stabbed to death during an argument in the North Phoenix apartment complex parking lot.   Sgt. Trent Crump with the Phoenix Police department said that the officers that were called to the scene w..

Custody Decisions in California

Posted on 07/23/2014 07:56:20 PM

A court must take the child’s best interests into account when they go about settling decisions regarding child custody and visitation. There are specific state rules regarding how a child’s best interests are determined. Below are some specifics for California.   California’s..

The Unknown Pitfalls of Divorce and Taxes

Posted on 07/23/2014 07:19:32 PM

There are a lot of unknown tax issues that can come your way once you and your spouse decide to divorce. In some cases your first tax bill as a single person might deliver a major financial blow.  Why? According to Michelle Crosby, co-founded and chief executive of the online fee-based service ..

Wrong Way Driver Injures Two and Kills Three People

Posted on 07/23/2014 01:44:48 PM

According to the California Highway Patrol, Three people were sadly killed and two other people were injured after a wrong way driver crashed head on with another vehicle. This was on the 210 Freeway in the Rancho Cucamonga area. The accident happened on Early Sunday morning.    According ..

The DMV Point System in California

Posted on 07/22/2014 05:44:34 PM

All traffic violations received by California drivers are reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) who uses a point system to track violations and their corresponding penalties. Points are added to your driving record if you receive a traffic ticket for moving violations. A moving violatio..

Father Brutally Beats Son's Sexual Abuser

Posted on 07/21/2014 11:23:57 PM

Every parent's worst nightmare is to have their child be harmed. What would you do if you walked in on someone sexually abusing your child? Could you keep things under control or would you loose your mind in rage?    According to the police, one father had this scenario happen to him and h..

Citizen's Arrest in California

Posted on 07/21/2014 03:42:52 PM

California, like most other states, has laws that prohibit law enforcement officers from making arrests for misdemeanors and infractions that were not committed in their presence. So, although people today can quickly summon law enforcement officers with the widespread use of cell phones, a means to..

Officers Kill Man Resisting Arrest and Wounding Police Dog

Posted on 07/20/2014 11:27:13 PM

On Saturday, July 19th a twenty-one year old man had wound a police dog with a machete. After he attacked the poor dog, he then tried to attack the on scene officers. The young man was then shot and killed by the City Heights police late Saturday night.   At around 10:20 at night, the police we..

Phoenix Homicide Rate Increasing In July

Posted on 07/20/2014 10:19:32 PM

Before the weekend, Phoenix has had a pretty violent week. Over the course of two days, three people were found dead and three others were wounded in separate shooting incidents. This was in the South Phoenix Area.   July has been a bad month for the Phoenix area, the violence just keeps on get..

Understanding the Basic Steps of Domestic Violence Law

Posted on 07/18/2014 03:37:39 PM

Being accused of domestic violence is not something to be taken lightly.  Thousands of cases are filed every year. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence you’ll want to contact a lawyer right away. Here are some things that might be coming your way if you find yourself in t..

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