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A long list of rules

08/05/2012 16:41:05 PM

As he finished reading the rules that he would have to adhere to on his new job as a security job, it was painfully clear that the rules he had in front of him were going to be tough to follow. Anywhere you go there will be rules and regulations that we must deal with, whether those rules have been ..

Pointing out the obvious

07/24/2012 10:54:15 AM

Angie considered herself as a good listener, she had to be one, especially when her clients started talking about the problems they were having in their lives. As a hair stylist, Angie knew very little about the law, but one thing she did know was that when it came to finding ourselves in trouble, i..

Getting payback from the source

07/20/2012 18:58:39 PM

In their  never ending fight against terrorism, the United States of America has vowed to aggressively seek out individuals for the part they play against its citizens. This fight has proven to take the US military to foreign lands where intelligence has shown that these individuals choose to h..

A good evening turned bad

07/20/2012 12:24:03 PM

It was supposed to be an evening to remember, the Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) was getting ready to run for the first time and as expected, the movie theater was full of anticipated viewers. This was a midnight showing in Colorado, similar to others around the state and what happened next fi..

Is a lawsuit a smart choice?

07/20/2012 06:06:02 AM

Susan had been an RN for about 7 years and during that time she had seen a few different situations where the results could have gone either way. She knew that there was good reason to concern ourselves about medical situations where things went wrong and she did everything in her power to make sure..

Wrong place, wrong company

07/18/2012 18:16:18 PM

It seems that McDonald’s is on a negative news run again, this time for a human interest story that is certain to damage their hard earned good name. Steve Mann, considered as the ‘human cyborg’ was out and about in Paris when he decided to take his family in for a well deserved br..

How to protect our airports

07/18/2012 17:53:30 PM

Even though the chain linked fence was topped with razor wire, it was clearly not enough security to stop Brian Hedglin from gaining access to a small airport in Utah. Airports around the United states are taking a second look at this daring attempt to steal a skywest passenger plane that was left u..

Time to face the music

07/16/2012 22:43:56 PM

Most people who follow the news probably know who George Zimmerman is. This is an individual who, whether he is guilty or not, is on his way to a life in prison for allegedly committing second-degree murder. Between the mainstream press and members of the public, Zimmerman does not have a prayer for..

Dealing with the possibility of abuse

07/16/2012 05:33:32 AM

As he sped to the scene of a domestic call, Paul could not help but wonder why there was so much disagreement between husbands and wives. This was the third call for the same problem tonight and they from three different addresses. There was entirely too much violence taking place and much of it was..

Making the right legal choice

07/15/2012 22:23:52 PM

Before Ralph became a lawyer he managed to find himself in a few scrapes with the law. Because he came from a wealthy family he always had someone decent to represent  him, which made it easy for him to defend himself. Because Ralph was represented by good legal council, he decided that he woul..

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