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Citizen's Arrest in California

07/21/2014 15:42:52 PM

California, like most other states, has laws that prohibit law enforcement officers from making arrests for misdemeanors and infractions that were not committed in their presence. So, although people today can quickly summon law enforcement officers with the widespread use of cell phones, a means to..

Officers Kill Man Resisting Arrest and Wounding Police Dog

07/20/2014 23:27:13 PM

On Saturday, July 19th a twenty-one year old man had wound a police dog with a machete. After he attacked the poor dog, he then tried to attack the on scene officers. The young man was then shot and killed by the City Heights police late Saturday night.   At around 10:20 at night, the police we..

Phoenix Homicide Rate Increasing In July

07/20/2014 22:19:32 PM

Before the weekend, Phoenix has had a pretty violent week. Over the course of two days, three people were found dead and three others were wounded in separate shooting incidents. This was in the South Phoenix Area.   July has been a bad month for the Phoenix area, the violence just keeps on get..

Understanding the Basic Steps of Domestic Violence Law

07/18/2014 15:37:39 PM

Being accused of domestic violence is not something to be taken lightly.  Thousands of cases are filed every year. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence you’ll want to contact a lawyer right away. Here are some things that might be coming your way if you find yourself in t..

Debt and Divorce: A Likely Combination

07/18/2014 15:21:04 PM

Dividing up assets and debts during divorce can just add drama to an already messy situation. But there are steps that can be taken in advance to ensure a smoother split.   Debt Remains When Your Marriage Doesn’t First thing to keep in mind is that creditors don’t really care that y..

“Too Many” Leads to Hit-and-Run

07/18/2014 14:49:24 PM

Joshua Lippincott, 23, of Tucson is being held at a County Detentions center in lieu of a $10,000 bond. He has been charged with leaving the scene of an automobile accident involving personal injury as well as driving while intoxicated.     The Accident The hit-and-run accident occurred 6 ..

Monsoon Driving in Prescott

07/18/2014 14:21:41 PM

Monsoon season is wreaking havoc on some parts of Arizona. In the community of Prescott, which has nearly 30 low-water crossings, monsoon season has proven to be dangerous already.   Four People Stranded Four people in a small van were stalled in nearly a foot and a half of water last week. Pol..

Filing For Divorce in California

07/18/2014 13:53:11 PM

If you find yourself considering divorce, here are some basic steps you will need to take. Understanding the different categories that go along with divorce, such as property, alimony, and child support can help to ease an already difficult and emotional process.   Decide on the Type of Divorce..

Understanding “No Fault” and “Fault" Divorces

07/18/2014 13:24:26 PM

There are two types of divorces – “no fault” and “fault.” What you will be able to file for depends greatly on the state you live in. Here’s a little more information regarding the differences between the two.   “No Fault” Divorce In a "No fault" ..

Good News for Foreclosures

07/18/2014 12:05:28 PM

What might mark a change of the times, there seems to be some good news revolving around foreclosures and the rate at which homes are falling into foreclosure.   Recent Studies Support Good Foreclosure News Recent reports out this past week show that during the second quarter in California, few..

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