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Man Sentenced For Brutally Killing 24 Year Old Officer

08/11/2014 19:34:14 PM

Back in 2007 Bryan Hulsey was a passenger of a car that was pulled over for speeding as well as not having a license plate.  The assiting officer, Holly came up to the scene to just serve as a back up officer. However, things turned horribly wrong when, according to prosecutors, Husley got out ..

3 People Injured After Struck By Vehicle

08/07/2014 19:13:34 PM

Thursday morning did not turn out so good for three people that were injured after they were struck by a vehicle after an altercation in the West Hollywood area that morning.   According tot he on scene detectives, the incident started at around two o'clock in the morning. It started at North R..

Motorist Strikes LAPD Officer

08/07/2014 18:57:31 PM

According to the police department, a man is now behing held on the suspicion of attempted murder of a peace officer. The man and the LAPD Officer got into a scuffle on the sidewalk and then the motorist was caught on video trying to "kill" the officer.   The sidewalk fight happened at around e..

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Joint Custody

08/07/2014 18:12:54 PM

Determining child custody rights during a divorce can be a very tricky thing, often involving a lot of court time and court decision-making. Child custody rights are of great importance to deciding judges. Most states prefer to grant joint custody, but will take a child’s best interests into a..

Divorce: Fighting for the Family Home

08/07/2014 17:48:07 PM

Deciding who will remain in the family home can be one of the most difficult decisions to be made during a divorce. The home is most often the most valuable. But it’s not only the financial aspect of the home, it’s also the leaving and selling – so that it is no longer part of the ..

Pedestrian Diversion Course Could Be Hitting Tucson

08/07/2014 17:19:10 PM

A new idea regarding the creation of a pedestrian diversion course is being bounced around in Tucson. The course would be assigned in a similar fashion of opting in for traffic school when you receive a speeding ticket in order to get the ticket dismissed. Pedestrians who are cited with violations w..

Roll-Over Car Accident

08/07/2014 16:15:35 PM

A roll-over vehicle accident is responsible for closing down Interstate 10 near Arizona 143 in Phoenix. The morning accident sent two men to the hospital when, according to officials, a Jeep collided with a large commercial truck that was in the process of being towed out of the location.   Inj..

Make Sure You Get Your Spousal Support

08/07/2014 14:34:51 PM

When spouses required to pay court-ordered alimony do not pay they are in violation of court orders. And courts have a lot of discretion regarding the punishments and fines they are able to impose on delinquent spouses in order to enforce alimony awards. Though court punishments vary from state to s..

Understanding Alimony/Spousal Support

08/07/2014 14:02:27 PM

If divorce is something in your future you’ll need to realize that alimony, also known as “spousal support” or “maintenance” might also be in your future. Alimony/Spousal Support is when one spouse pays the other spouse monthly support. So if you earn substantially more..

NBA Player Greg Oden Arrested for Two Battery Charges

08/07/2014 13:34:08 PM

Athletes, professional or not, sometimes get the big head and think they are above the law and can get away with certain things. Twenty-six year old NBA player, Greg Oden has recently been arrested for two battery charges in Indiana.   The LPD (Lawrence Police Department) investigators stated t..

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