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Your right to remain silent

04/16/2012 18:30:14 PM

When we look towards an officer of the law, our first reaction is usually respect for that individual. As children, we are generally taught that police officers are there to protect and serve us during our time of need. If we ever find ourselves having to make a co..

Should you be looking for a new line of work

04/11/2012 16:29:38 PM

It seems as though anywhere you turn these days, one or two police officers are being charged and convicted of crossing the line. Whether it is a less than righteous shooting, or a scheduled indictment for some other questionable behavior. I have always maintained that if you know&nbs..

Society Gone Bad

04/11/2012 14:07:01 PM

If I told you that there were two guys who committed crimes: guy number one broke the law by fighting dogs and the second guy drove drunk, hit and killed a person, which of the two guys would you guess served more time in jail for his crime? If you guessed guy number two, who committed manslaughter,..

Criminal Lawyer Pittsburgh: Things to consider if you are facing criminal charges

03/21/2012 16:01:03 PM

If you are facing the possibility of criminal charges then you are probably in a blind panic about how to deal with the situation. Criminal law is maze of bewildering, frightening processes and procedures and for this reason your interests would be best served by your securing the services of a crim..

UK Surgeons Blocks The Entry of All-Metal Replacement

03/09/2012 08:09:42 AM

The United Kingdom medical practitioners specializing in the field of orthopedics are aggressively campaigning for the stoppage of an all-metal replacement among patients suffering from pains through hip joint damage resulting from arthritis or an injury following an increase of defective implants w..

New Bill Stand in the Way of Untested Medical Devices

02/13/2012 09:16:16 AM

Senators among US Democrats have proposed a bill to hinder approval of medical devices with safety issues , as reported by Bloomberg.  They stated cases from defective devices of Johnson & Johnson.   With approximately 93,000 recipients worldwide, the ASR XL Acetabular System and the A..

Ways to Pick a Great Criminal Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA

02/07/2012 10:37:55 AM

If you are being charged with a crime, you need a good criminal lawyer in Pittsburgh. There are many options out there for lawyers and it can be hard to find the one that you feel is going to best represent you. There are a few things that you should keep your eye out for to make sure that you are g..


02/07/2012 08:30:46 AM

Emma Peart, Family Law Solicitor discusses the new statistics that shows divorce applications increasing in January plus the very modern occurance of solicial networking sites being cited as one of the reasons why a marriage has broken down. Not only do statistics show that the most number of divorc..

Monats-R├╝ckblick Januar 2012

02/03/2012 00:27:07 AM

Der Monat Januar 2012 wurde hauptsächlich von der sogenannten „Wulff Affäre“ bestimmt. Wir möchten uns von dieser Berichterstattung distanzieren, da augenscheinlich einige „Kreise“ im unseren Land das Ziel verfolgen, den Bundespräsidenten zum Rückt..

What Can a Criminal Attorney in Pittsburgh PA Do for My Domestic Violence Case?

02/02/2012 09:31:08 AM

If you have a domestic violence case that is pending against you, it is time to find a great criminal attorney in Pittsburgh PA that can take great care of you and help you fight to be found innocent of these charges. It is scary to face something like domestic violence charges and you want to make ..

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