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Discipline and/or Abuse

09/15/2014 06:36:50 AM

None of us was born with all the rules of our cultures inscribed in the DNA in each of our cells, so it is that we go through a period of transition called childhood. It is at this time that those in charge of the learning must exhibit not only restraint but a clear understanding of the difference b..

Neither Fish, Nor Fowl

08/20/2014 21:37:07 PM

All of us live, more or less, according to rules that were set down by our parents, our government and, possibly, our religious leaders. The religious leaders may have lived a few centuries or more before us and their lives must have been dramatically different from ours, but some still abide by the..

The Case for Collaborative Law

08/11/2014 22:20:39 PM

The more attorney Gretchen Walther practices collaborative law, the more she sees just how little “law” and “family” have to do with each other. She’s had 17 years of practice in family law.   Collaborative Law According to Walther, in the US, much of law is based ..

Divorce and Why You Should Consider Collaborative Law

08/11/2014 22:04:40 PM

Divorces do not always need to end up in a court. If you are looking to settle your divorce out of court, you might want to consider a collaborative law attorney. Collaborative law treats the process as a way of trouble shooting and problem solving, rather than a fight to win situation.   ..

Californian Accountant Charged with Mortgage Fraud

08/11/2014 21:35:35 PM

According to officials with the U.S. attorney’s office, Californian accountant, Carmen Denise Mosley of Granada Hills, was recently sentenced to 57 months in prison for mortgage fraud in Southern Nevada. She was also ordered pay $1.1 million in restitution.   The Scam According to court r..

Car Loans – the New Bankruptcy Crisis

08/11/2014 21:34:33 PM

The federal government, having now mostly tamed the mortgage industry, might now have to turn its eye to the auto lending industry. It seems there seems to be a similar trend happening – people being roped into loans that ruin their fiancés, potentially bankrupting them.   Predator..

Divorce: Focus on Child Support and Spousal Support

08/11/2014 21:32:24 PM

“Separation” and “Divorce” are the two main steps when it comes to legally severing two people from their marriage. And while there are vast amounts of laws regarding separation of assets, and children, etc, there are no laws when it comes to the emotions that are generated f..

California Divorce Most Expensive

08/11/2014 21:31:29 PM

According to a recent compiling of government data regarding divorce, California comes in at the top when it comes to cost. Filing fees for a divorce in California can add up to $435 or even more based on the county you file in. The other two states that comes close? Florida and Minnesota, with fees..

Driving in Arizona’s Monsoon Season

08/11/2014 21:29:52 PM

Arizona’s monsoon season is here again – time for valley residents to prepare for heavy rain, high winds, and lightening. Driving can be especially hazardous during this season. Roads gets slippery, highways flood, and visibility can be poor. Following these safety tips can help keep you..

Wrong-Way Driving and What to Do

08/11/2014 21:26:30 PM

In light of the slew of recent wrong-way driving in Arizona, it might be helpful to review what to do if you find yourself faced with a car heading in your direction.   Wrong Way DUIs “The State Patrol has told me that wrong way DUIs are the most dangerous circumstances they have to deal ..

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