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The Collectivist Conspiracy

12/12/2011 11:19:53 AM

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU The collectivist conspiracy is 100 years of insidious new world order globalization.  THE PUSH FOR A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT BY THE FINANCIAL ELITE IS THE BIGGEST STORY IN THE UNIVERSE.  Beware, the movement toward a one world government is happening v..

The Coming New Dark Ages is the Biggest Story in the World

12/12/2011 11:11:08 AM

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU Beware the coming New Dark Ages! The Anglo financial power elite want to “DIRECT HISTORY” toward a one world government with a one world currency. Private money backed by gold and the “Internet Reformation” getting the word out ab..

The Directed History Conspirtacy is the Biggest Story in the World

12/12/2011 11:07:49 AM

By Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU Beware!  "Directed History" is how the Anglo American financial elite world central bankers who own the Federal Reserve Bank and the other some 110 central banks of the world plan on shaping history to their liking.  These impossibly rich 1,100 fami..

2012 bumper stickers are in!

11/13/2011 18:26:12 PM

2012 bumper stickers are in!   Celebrate 2012, the election, imminent collapse and more with your very own bumper sticker     In other news   Vultures take to the Squawk Box John Kanas is Chairman and CEO with Bank United. Oliver Sarkozy, brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, is on the b..

Politicians backlash at the thought of doing anything for a change

11/13/2011 17:38:10 PM

The Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou , was forced to retract a call for a referendum to deal with its massive looming debt crisis. It's not that the attempt would have amounted to very much, actually (aside from giving the people of Greece a chance to direct their own fate)--it'..

Elect the Last

10/28/2011 12:20:06 PM

Want to change how our politicians run the government? It's time we change our politicians. For the next few elections, vote for the person on the bottom of the ticket, in each category. These people have the least amount of funds, and therefore will appreciate the dollar a whole lot more, and can n..

System So Yesterday

10/28/2011 12:16:51 PM

It's time the two party system went the way of the Dodo bird. People in these parties seem only to care on issues that helps each parties agenda. We need just people who get the job done, and do whats best for the country, and it's people. Donald Trump wants this country to be great again, and he's ..

Is Occupy Wall Street Censored?

10/19/2011 07:57:57 AM

  In ancient Rome, censor is an officer who is responsible for supervising morality of the people and administrating the state finances. Today, it is the finance which “supervises“ people’s morals. A Syrian activist chanting in the streets of the city of Hama responds peacefu..

In Search of the Meaning of the Occupation Movement

10/17/2011 18:41:18 PM

One of the human species’ defining traits may be our need to find meaning. We are born into a world that seems devoid of objective purpose, yet we strive all the same to create and express subjective values, understanding, one hopes, that these senses of meaning are personal and not necess..

The Debate Over Symbols At Occupy Portland

10/17/2011 18:40:30 PM

Two debates at the general assembly on October 9th stood out to me as possibly being thematically linked: the issue of whether or not to adopt the US flag as an official symbol of Occupy Portland and the issue of occupying or ceding Main Street, the bit of road between our twin encampments. I sa..

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