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Immigration Reform and the Republican Surrender

02/01/2014 04:26:11 AM

  One item which the Congress will be pressed to address this term is immigration reform and the fate of twenty-million illegal immigrants at the very least (though official tallies try to minimize the problem claiming only twelve-million illegals currently living in the United States). The p..

Israelis Rally at Kotel with Answer for Kerry

01/31/2014 04:29:12 AM

  Secretary of State Kerry floated the idea of proposing his framework agreement to the Israeli people in a speech in the hopes that they could be swayed into accepting the plan and pressuring the government to accept the entire plan. Israelis decided to provide an answer without the need for..

Fears About Kerry Intimidation of Netanyahu Appear Valid

01/30/2014 05:36:55 AM

  There are some among us who have expressed fears that Prime Minister Netanyahu might choose to follow the exact same route blazed by the late Ariel Sharon when he formed a new party in order to facilitate the Gaza disengagement. Now we are witnessing a purely manufactured controversy revolv..

How Will Obama, Kerry and Company React When Abbas Says “No”?

01/29/2014 04:23:51 AM

  The entire idea behind the current negotiations being lorded over by Secretary of State Kerry are predicated on forcing a solution by any means necessary by the end of nine months of forced and dedicated negotiations. The standing implication is should the Palestinians and Israelis be unabl..

What to Expect After if the Peace Talks Fail

01/28/2014 04:24:32 AM

      One of the unfortunate conclusions which can be attained after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested that he would not remove the Israelis from beyond the armistice lines which existed in 1967 if they chose to remain and desired to live under Palestinian rule. There were th..

Netanyahu Releases Trial Balloon Immediately Shot Down by Palestinians

01/27/2014 04:09:07 AM

      Back at the start to the year we commented about the reaction by Palestinian Authority President Abbas or other Palestinian spokespeople to almost reflexively announce a new Palestinian position as a “Red Line” countering any proposal which was floated by the Israeli..

Anti-Semitism Rising to Newer and Uglier Heights

01/26/2014 04:54:51 AM

      The obvious and very public acts of anti-Semitism are on the increase throughout much of the world and have closed in on being an epidemic infecting Europe. In Rome, Italy this past week an act of anti-Semitism hit a new level of crassness bringing to mind memories of the desecr..

Troubling Clouds on the Israeli Horizon

01/25/2014 05:19:42 AM

  Troubling Clouds on the Israeli Horizon   While there are some who will look upon the recent statements by a small but sufficient sized group from the party of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Likud, that they are prepared to resign from the coalition should Netanyahu make land concessions t..

Kerry’s, Obama’s Paranoia of Jewish Influence Borders on Anti-Semitism

01/24/2014 04:49:48 AM

  A source reportedly close to President of the United States Barack Obama and many in the Administration, especially with Secretary of State John Kerry, claims that the two leaders have expressed their being “uncomfortable” with the “Jewish activity in Congress” which..

Politics Teaches All About Language and Statistics

01/23/2014 04:20:21 AM

  Many commentators decry the state of political debate complaining about the polarization and the ever increasing gap between the right and the left. They tend to see nothing to be gained as gridlock and harsh discourse is all they are able to see but there are lessons if not in the actual d..

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