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Poverty in the First World Virtually Nonexistent

02/13/2014 05:13:58 AM

  With President Obama and his new emphasis on income inequality and supposed poverty in the United States, one could not be blamed for believing that poverty is a huge problem in the United States. With the comparisons made to the European nations as examples which should be emulated by the ..

Did Israeli Civil Administration Commit Price Tag Retribution?

02/12/2014 05:16:32 AM

  Sagi Kaisler lived in a home in the Jewish village of Kida in southern Samaria which he built mostly with his own hands and the help of neighbors and friends. Sagi Kaisler also was active in the movement against the destruction of homes of those Israelis given the title of settler which imp..

Obamacare has not yet Begun to Strike

02/10/2014 05:38:12 AM

  We seem to hear of a new calamity attributed to the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, every week if not every few days. One of the latest is from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) which predicted that there will be two-million fewer full-time workers by 2017 and 2-million-five-hund..

Israel as the State of the Jewish People

02/09/2014 05:40:03 AM

  One of the major hurdles that are causing an impasse in the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority has been the demand for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the State for the Jewish People. Under Islamic law, Sharia, any land that was once under Muslim rule m..

What if the Arabs Refuse to Take Steps for Peace?

02/08/2014 05:47:25 AM

  We hear a whole lot of commentary from Secretary of State Kerry about the necessary steps that Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israelis must take in order to facilitate success in the peace negotiations he is currently stewarding between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. What we have y..

Livni Insists Israel Must Sacrifice for Peace or Cease as Jewish State

02/07/2014 04:58:48 AM

      Tzipi Livni, Israeli Justice Minister, claims as part of a recent statement that “there is a price that whoever really wants peace must pay.” What is behind Ms. Livni’s claims are those who hold to a particular demographic statistical prediction which claims th..

Let’s Talk Turkey

02/06/2014 04:57:03 AM

      A number of years ago we discussed the coming  Turkey problem for NATO and suggested that NATO needed to review Turkey’s continued membership. Of course the leaders of NATO prefer to see Turkey as the prime and proud example of democratic form of government of an Isla..

Obama Initiates Countdown to Horrific Afghanistan Civil War

02/05/2014 03:32:27 AM

  President Obama stated in his recent State of the Union Address, “When I took office, nearly 180,000 Americans were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, all our troops are out of Iraq. More than sixty-thousands of our troops have already come home from Afghanistan. With Afghan forc..

Apparently We Have Been Mistaken

02/04/2014 04:55:56 AM

  Over the past months while covering the ongoing peace process and the supervision being provided by United States Secretary of State Kerry, we have made the observation that often Secretary Kerry’s words could have been interpreted as being of a threatening nature. His comments which ..

Abbas Lays Plan to Turn American Public Against Israel

02/03/2014 04:00:14 AM

  The somewhat brilliant idea behind Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s plan is that the offer is one that United States Secretary of State is very likely to jump at accepting it blindly without any consideration for the possible down-sides and future difficulties it will most..

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