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To Release or not to Release; the Terror Prisoner Conundrum

03/21/2014 05:03:37 AM

  Israel was coerced, pressured and hornswoggled into releasing one-hundred-four terrorist prisoners, most of whom were serving life sentences for multiple murders of Israelis either through their direct actions or as planners who sent numerous homicide-bombers into Israeli central bus statio..

Abbas’s Brazen Hypocrisy Displayed and Nobody Cares to Notice

03/20/2014 06:16:00 AM

  Whenever Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas speaks either to the press or to leaders of nations, NGOs, the United Nations or any other groups or individuals he will phrase everything in one of three basic references. He will speak of what he demands of Israel in order for any further negoti..

Where is Our Winston Churchill Now That We Need Him?

03/19/2014 06:19:30 AM

  Sir Winston Churchill over his years in military and public service identified three preeminent threats to the Western World. His most obvious and best known threat was, of course, Adolph Hitler and the Nazi threat to Europe and the world. Churchill was ridiculed and driven from Parliament ..

Two Diametrically Contrasted Meetings

03/18/2014 06:19:02 AM

  In the past half a month President Obama has held meetings in the Oval Office with the leaders of both parties to the Middle East peace talks. These two meetings probably could not have had different agendas or more opposite styles and content. The proof of this fact will be made evident in..

Random Thoughts Roundup

03/17/2014 06:03:32 AM

  Let’s start with the mysterious disappearing Malaysian Boeing 777-200ER flight number 370 which dropped off of radar by turning off the transponder beacon and disappeared leaving no trace, or at least none yet discovered despite a massive search. The debate initially was had the aircr..

President Obama Sends Definitive Message on Ukraine

03/16/2014 06:58:15 AM

  The situation in the Ukraine does not exactly fill one with a firm belief that everything will work itself out without any bloodshed. According to the first Ukrainian to lead the nation after the fall of the Soviet Union, former President Kravchuk, there are currently minimally approximatel..

Palestinian Style Terrorist Tactics Now on American Southern Border

03/15/2014 05:38:23 AM

  Starting about a decade ago I tried to inform people that the terrorist groups which were often targeting Israel were now allied with the human and drug traffickers on the United States Mexico border. My comments often were in response to queries by friends and acquaintances asking when and..

Gaza Rocket Terror War Resumes

03/14/2014 05:32:09 AM

  Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the sixty or so rockets out of almost ninety launched from within Gaza City that fell on southern Israel. As the rockets slowly abated came the expected demands from the United Nations and other usual suspects demanding that both sides show restraint..

Putin Threat Harbinger of Greatest Danger to America

03/13/2014 06:17:59 AM

  Putin made an unveiled, direct threat focused to cause President Obama to stop and consider if he really desires to enter a financial war with Russia when he threatened to end his nation’s practice of utilizing the Dollar as their reserve currency. In many ways such a threat is an emp..

Vladimir Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

03/12/2014 06:59:21 AM

  The fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is among the nominees for receiving the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize is strangely amusing in a sick way but is nothing compared to the reasoning given by the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation of Peoples of the World, a Russian ..

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