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Disastrous Faults Within Peace Process Evident in Catastrophic Collapse

04/03/2014 05:25:20 AM

  The fatal flaws plaguing the Israeli Palestinian peace process have been blatantly evident since within weeks of the September 1993 signing of the Oslo Accords when it became evident that the Palestinian tactic of placing demands and preconditions front-loaded on the negotiations forcing th..

The Beating of Yitzhak Tessler on the Mount

04/02/2014 05:22:01 AM

  There is a disgrace that persists within the Old City of Jerusalem. On the holiest place for the Jewish People in the entire world currently excludes Jewish prayer. Truthfully, it goes far further than simply excluding Jewish prayer but even forbids even the appearance of a Jew praying. If ..

Russian Buildup in Crimea Portends Further Encroachments

04/01/2014 06:08:11 AM

  Virtually every article covering the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula after occupying it after the change in Ukrainian governance in Kiev quotes Russian sources claiming that there will be no further land grabs by Russia. What would you expect Russian sources to say, we want to c..

Israeli Palestinian End Game Maneuvers Concerning Peace Process

03/31/2014 04:59:59 AM

  The first step to understanding how the peace process led those involved to where they are is that on one side it is all about peace while the other side it is all about process. Going all the way back to 1993 and the start of the Oslo Accords a cursory investigation will reveal one glaring..

Obama Care’s Obama Scare

03/30/2014 02:31:50 AM

  Obama Care is, as the Democrats love to remind its opposition, now the law of the land. In the ramp-up to the release of this Obama Scare Monster the public was fed a steady stream of reassuring deceptions accented with exaggerated descriptions of attractive features. What was excluded from..

Obama, Kerry and Israeli Leftists Attempt to Crash Coalition

03/29/2014 04:58:17 AM

  It was initially unlikely that the Obama administration thought it necessary to attempt to change the ruling coalition government in Israel as the administration’s push to restart the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians was met with Israeli cooperation across the boards. ..

Israelis and Palestinians Each Using Language Their Side Understands

03/28/2014 04:32:12 AM

  Anybody who wishes to understand the crux of the debate and what each side seeks, treasures, understands and desires most, all one has to do is read the statements and use their own choice of words, stated desires and central positions to get a solid understanding. Both sides have a very co..

Pollard Offer Too Good to be Believed

03/27/2014 06:21:38 AM

  The Pollard offer appears to be far too similar to a previous promise to grant Johnathan Pollard his overdue release to be accepted at face value. That is not only the Israeli view but also that of many leading American authorities familiar with even the classified information pertaining to..

The Unspoken Winners in the Ukraine and Crimea

03/26/2014 06:15:48 AM

  The news is loaded with claims, depending on your sources, that the Ukraine was robbed of land and their main naval port, the Crimean citizens were denied a fair vote, the United States has lost all credibility, and Russia is facing debilitating sanctions. None of these reported truths are ..

United States to Side with Palestinians in Blaming Israel

03/25/2014 06:14:30 AM

  There has been much made over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insisting that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the home for the Jewish People. He has stated that just as Israel has accepted the Palestinian demands for their own homeland, that Israel should receive the same recognition f..

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