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Pollard Offer Too Good to be Believed

03/27/2014 06:21:38 AM

  The Pollard offer appears to be far too similar to a previous promise to grant Johnathan Pollard his overdue release to be accepted at face value. That is not only the Israeli view but also that of many leading American authorities familiar with even the classified information pertaining to..

The Unspoken Winners in the Ukraine and Crimea

03/26/2014 06:15:48 AM

  The news is loaded with claims, depending on your sources, that the Ukraine was robbed of land and their main naval port, the Crimean citizens were denied a fair vote, the United States has lost all credibility, and Russia is facing debilitating sanctions. None of these reported truths are ..

United States to Side with Palestinians in Blaming Israel

03/25/2014 06:14:30 AM

  There has been much made over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insisting that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the home for the Jewish People. He has stated that just as Israel has accepted the Palestinian demands for their own homeland, that Israel should receive the same recognition f..

Even Abbas Snubs Obama Flat Refusing All Offers

03/24/2014 05:56:18 AM

  United States President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu just over two weeks ago and they discussed everything from the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians under the mediation of Secretary of State Kerry as well as the steps which could be taken to assure that Ira..

Ultimate Syrian Atrocity Against Their Children

03/23/2014 06:57:43 AM

  In many wars the most heart-wrenching realities are the often unintentional pains and suffering inflicted on the children. Where unintentional deaths and injuries of children are awful and distressing enough leaving observers to wonder how anybody can permit such heartless acts, in Syria Ba..

Can We Trust the Government Alphabet Agencies?

03/22/2014 06:15:07 AM

  It seems every other week we read of yet another breach in security or illegal program spying on individuals, companies, foreign leaders of both friendly and not so friendly nations, and even agencies monitoring other agencies or even Congress. Then there have been the reports of the Admini..

To Release or not to Release; the Terror Prisoner Conundrum

03/21/2014 05:03:37 AM

  Israel was coerced, pressured and hornswoggled into releasing one-hundred-four terrorist prisoners, most of whom were serving life sentences for multiple murders of Israelis either through their direct actions or as planners who sent numerous homicide-bombers into Israeli central bus statio..

Abbas’s Brazen Hypocrisy Displayed and Nobody Cares to Notice

03/20/2014 06:16:00 AM

  Whenever Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas speaks either to the press or to leaders of nations, NGOs, the United Nations or any other groups or individuals he will phrase everything in one of three basic references. He will speak of what he demands of Israel in order for any further negoti..

Where is Our Winston Churchill Now That We Need Him?

03/19/2014 06:19:30 AM

  Sir Winston Churchill over his years in military and public service identified three preeminent threats to the Western World. His most obvious and best known threat was, of course, Adolph Hitler and the Nazi threat to Europe and the world. Churchill was ridiculed and driven from Parliament ..

Two Diametrically Contrasted Meetings

03/18/2014 06:19:02 AM

  In the past half a month President Obama has held meetings in the Oval Office with the leaders of both parties to the Middle East peace talks. These two meetings probably could not have had different agendas or more opposite styles and content. The proof of this fact will be made evident in..

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