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We Have Been Here Before; Never Again!

12/19/2013 04:16:52 AM

  Russian Star, Ivan Okhlobystin, of the Russian version of the popular U.S. sitcom “Scrubs” came out with a horrifyingly offensive suggestion of how to address the Gay public. He was quoted saying, “I would have them all stuffed alive inside an oven. This is Sodom and Gomor..

Who Are Most Jewish or at Least Acceptable as Jews?

12/18/2013 04:15:34 AM

  Of the entirety of the Jewish people are only the Hareidi and maybe the Orthodox the only real Jews or are the Conservative and Reform just as Jewish and how about Kabbalah or even Reconstructionist and other less popular forms of Judaism? The answer you will receive depends just as much on..

Will Justice be Served on Lebanese Soldier for Murder of Israeli Soldier?

12/17/2013 04:19:09 AM

  Israeli Defense Forces Master Sergeant Shlomi Cohen, only 31 years of age from Afula, was murdered on Sunday evening by a Lebanese soldier who fired at least a half dozen bullets into the vehicle Sergeant Cohen was driving patrolling the Israel Lebanese border. This was the second case of L..

Secretary Kerry Receives Surprises in Israel Other than Just Snow Upon Snow

12/16/2013 04:52:36 AM

  It appears that Secretary of State John Kerry is receiving signs telling him that all his plans and the thoughts, principles, facts and situational awareness he has been relying on are all completely backwards and wrong concerning the Middle East in general and the Palestinian-Israeli situa..

Has the United States Missed Another Golden Opportunity?

12/15/2013 04:57:45 AM

  The past quarter of a century has experienced a world going through some seismic political transformations, some more surprising than others and some completely expected, but solely in hindsight. The first major quake on the political landscape was the collapse of the Soviet Union and the d..

Hagel’s Syria Conundrum

12/14/2013 04:02:58 AM

  United States Secretary of Defense has a dilemma concerning supporting the Syrian rebels fighting to unseat President Bashir al-Assad and his oppressive Alawite regime; he is unsure where the secular forces are that he wishes to aid. Anybody familiar with the Middle East or who had paid att..

The Best Guess of How Will the World React to a Nuclear Iran?

12/13/2013 04:49:01 AM

  According to many experts, both lauded and the self-described varieties, Iran has been given exactly enough time to be able to build and test a nuclear weapon within the six months they have been granted by the deal made with the P5+1 in the Geneva negotiations. Many claim that Iran will at..

Who Guards the Gates of Europe if not Israel?

12/12/2013 04:16:10 AM

  There have been a number of invasions of Europe from out of Asia and the Middle East throughout history. There was the Persian conquest which finally was reversed by the Greek City States following one of the most famous historic stands by King Leonidas and his Spartan warriors at Thermopyl..

Secretary of State Kerry Inadvertently Resolves Lack of Arab Israeli Peace

12/11/2013 04:15:53 AM

  If the world really actually cared about the truth rather than simply being dependent on their blind reliance of the oldest hatred of mankind, they might have had an awakening resulting from John Kerry’s efforts this past week in Jerusalem and Ramallah. The truth was laid bare and for..

Should Israel Permit the United States to Guarantee Israeli Security?

12/10/2013 05:27:28 AM

  United States Secretary of State Kerry returned to Israel for another shot at pushing the peace process forward or to at least appear to be doing so. At Secretary Kerry’s side was General John Allen whose assignment was to add gravitas to the presentation of how the latest American pr..

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