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Enough with the Peace Process Already

01/03/2014 04:35:38 AM

  There has been a rumor around the office that some people might be getting tired of endless repetition of the same basic material just from a slightly more oblique angle covering on the failures that are the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process and the potential damage Secretary of State and h..

Kerry’s Great Accomplishments and Future Peace Plans

01/02/2014 04:14:23 AM

  United States Secretary of State has started spending more time in Israel than he does on his own country. One would expect that since Secretary Kerry pressured both sides into restarting the peace negotiations this past summer that he would have something to show for all his efforts. Perha..

Happy New Year?

01/01/2014 04:16:15 AM

  Welcome to 2014 and almost all the same old problems from 2013 are still with us. In the United States the politicians will only put in six months of making life worse for many just to satisfy their big money donors and largest constituencies and then spend the rest of the Year until electi..

The Prisoners and the Negotiations

12/31/2013 04:12:28 AM

  The releasing of one-hundred-four terrorist prisoners, many with blood soaked hands from murdering countless Israeli civilians, in four stages will continue next week with the fourth installment. The ire of many in the public is palpable and some of the reactions by the state have many expr..

Kerry Returning to Israel to Pressure Both Sides

12/30/2013 01:10:17 AM

  United States Secretary of State Kerry is returning just after the New Year to force both sides to accept a peace plan that neither side desires. Some might claim that if both sides appear equally displeased then it must be a fair deal. But is that really the case? That depends on the reaso..

China Making Foundational Maneuvers for Preeminence

12/29/2013 04:30:00 AM

  This end of 2013 may be depicted in history as the period where China cemented her role as the up and coming super power ready to take up the call when the United States collapses into a financial and economic shambles. There are three items in particular signaled that China is ready and de..

Why is Kerry Forcing Deal on Netanyahu which Abbas Rejected?

12/28/2013 04:25:47 AM

  Currently the United States has Martin Indyk in Israel pressing IDF generals to not only accept the latest and touted as greatest plan for peace by forming a Palestinian State and sacrificing Israeli security in the process but to go forth to the Israeli media and regale them with the wondr..

Where are the Foundations of Netanyahu’s Building Tenders?

12/27/2013 05:02:10 AM

  As we approach the third in the presumably four terrorist murderer releases, Prime Minister Netanyahu has also included, as he has with the previous releases, a slip of paper and an announcement that another so many thousands of tenders to build houses beyond the Green Line. This cannot be ..

January and the Countdown to the Next War on Israel

12/26/2013 04:54:31 AM

  Come the New Year and we will find a full frontal assault on Israeli political leadership pushing them to accept the latest and greatest United States plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. Thus far the discussions with the Israelis have mostly been centered around explainin..

Why Obama and the United States are Able to Ignore Syria

12/25/2013 04:06:03 AM

  President Obama has been attempting to completely ignore the horrors continuing in Syria from even before he attempted to use the Syrian civil war to sound tough on the world stage which backfired so completely revealing the Emperor had no clothes. President Obama figured that if he set a r..

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