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China Making Foundational Maneuvers for Preeminence

12/29/2013 04:30:00 AM

  This end of 2013 may be depicted in history as the period where China cemented her role as the up and coming super power ready to take up the call when the United States collapses into a financial and economic shambles. There are three items in particular signaled that China is ready and de..

Why is Kerry Forcing Deal on Netanyahu which Abbas Rejected?

12/28/2013 04:25:47 AM

  Currently the United States has Martin Indyk in Israel pressing IDF generals to not only accept the latest and touted as greatest plan for peace by forming a Palestinian State and sacrificing Israeli security in the process but to go forth to the Israeli media and regale them with the wondr..

Where are the Foundations of Netanyahu’s Building Tenders?

12/27/2013 05:02:10 AM

  As we approach the third in the presumably four terrorist murderer releases, Prime Minister Netanyahu has also included, as he has with the previous releases, a slip of paper and an announcement that another so many thousands of tenders to build houses beyond the Green Line. This cannot be ..

January and the Countdown to the Next War on Israel

12/26/2013 04:54:31 AM

  Come the New Year and we will find a full frontal assault on Israeli political leadership pushing them to accept the latest and greatest United States plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. Thus far the discussions with the Israelis have mostly been centered around explainin..

Why Obama and the United States are Able to Ignore Syria

12/25/2013 04:06:03 AM

  President Obama has been attempting to completely ignore the horrors continuing in Syria from even before he attempted to use the Syrian civil war to sound tough on the world stage which backfired so completely revealing the Emperor had no clothes. President Obama figured that if he set a r..

The Potentially Deadly Effect of the Renewed Peace Process

12/24/2013 04:55:02 AM

  Do not expect for the media almost anywhere to be honest and relate the one truth well known to most Israelis and planned by the leadership in the Palestinian communities. Even much of the media in Israel refuses to talk about the obvious fact directly and will shy from any questions that m..

The Western World Demands Religious Purity

12/23/2013 05:15:55 AM

  Try and tell the modern metropolitan citizen of Europe or the Americas that they are slavishly devoted to a religious creed and they will probably give you a strange look before simply dismissing your criticism. Yes, to imply that the modern citizen of the world follows a structured and rig..

Time for Israel to Diversify her Relations in the World

12/22/2013 04:09:06 AM

  After World War II the United States took steps to assure that they would be the leader of the Western World and the sole defender of Democracy. They freed the European countries from retaining large militaries probably hoping to avoid another European driven conflagration that would drag t..

Israel Must Refuse to Even Accept Interim Deal

12/21/2013 04:15:57 AM

  Following the smashing success in failing in more ways than one cares to list in implementation of interim six month Iran nuclear deal President Obama and Secretary of State threaten to seek interim deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Israeli leadership needs to get out in front of th..

The Looming Economic Time Bomb

12/20/2013 04:51:02 AM

  There is a theory that has been the backbone of President Obama and his economic administers that the government can stimulate and generally manage the economy. This is known as Keynesian Stimulus Theory. The basis of Keynesian economics is that government stimulus will give greater returns..

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