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Jacque Fresco: “USA has never been a democracy” (video)

Posted on 08/14/2011 05:27:47 AM

Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project, writes and lectures extensively on his view of subjects ranging from the holistic design of sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management, cybernated technology, advanced automation, and the role of science i..

“Super Congress” is Super Scary

Posted on 08/02/2011 07:04:52 PM

http://newsofthebored.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/super-congress-unconstitutional-inevitable/   8/2/2011 Update at the bottom of the page. Includes information on the passage of the debt ceiling legislation and the Super Congres, as well as where we as a nation go from here. "The Su..

Political Poker

Posted on 07/19/2011 02:07:57 AM

Many years ago I took up playing a regular game of poker with some friends. Specifically, Texas hold 'em. I've played enough to develop some skill with the game, made a little bit of money here and there, and put up a decent showing in a few tournaments. So I have enough experience with it to reco..

Can We Break The Taboo?

Posted on 07/05/2011 10:09:32 AM

Rape and sexual assault of any form are not topics that are comfortably talked about, due to a variety of reasons, but are the reasons justifiable, or should we just be honest with ourselves and bring this topic well and truly into the frontline of discussion?Since Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arreste..

India: The Trouble With Girls

Posted on 07/05/2011 10:09:10 AM

India is now apparently one of the most dangerous places in the world for women, which is initially confusing since there are a high number of female figures in politics, including the President, the Head of Congress, the head of the opposition party, and there are also a high proportion of w..

Bachmann to the rescue! Maybe...

Posted on 07/05/2011 10:07:26 AM

(This article is part of a forth coming series on the Republican Presidential Candidates and their policies) Michele Bachmann, a Republican Presidential candidate from Minnesota, is a strong, outspoken individual on many issues, including Gay rights, abortion, anti-American conspiracies, and the e..

The Man From DECC

Posted on 07/05/2011 10:06:20 AM

Speaking at the Social Liberal Forum on Saturday 18th June, Chris Huhne laid out his ideas for improving environmental standards which he believes has a “win, win, win” formula as with his proposed changes, Huhne claims that competition can increase, thus leading to lower prices fo..

Happy Birthday America!

Posted on 07/04/2011 01:53:57 PM

It's JULY 4th! Happy Birthday America! The United States has gotten bad press over the past few years but thankfully were the greatest country this world has ever seen. The financial markets are down but remember that the ENTIRE world feeds off of us. Thus, the world economy needs us more than ..

Michele Bachmann was the breakout star of the Republican Primary debate

Posted on 06/17/2011 12:28:27 PM

Watching the Republican debate on CNN last night it occurred to me that there were a lot of similarities here with a regular scripted show. All of the candidates had obviously spent a lot of time preparing with their advisors, carefully rehearsing their positions on a range of is..

Political predictions they got wrong (No20) An end to boom and bust

Posted on 06/17/2011 12:27:31 PM

There’s a very old joke that goes something like this, “How do you make God laugh?”, the punchline is ”Tell him your future plans”. Despite the fact that predicting the future is as about as easy as sailing the Atlantic in a barrel, politicians never..

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