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Politics Teaches All About Language and Statistics

01/23/2014 04:20:21 AM

  Many commentators decry the state of political debate complaining about the polarization and the ever increasing gap between the right and the left. They tend to see nothing to be gained as gridlock and harsh discourse is all they are able to see but there are lessons if not in the actual d..

Ukraine Violence Expanding and Intensifying

01/22/2014 05:17:13 AM

  As the violence in the Ukraine, especially in their capital of Kiev where demonstrators are estimated to exceed one-hundred-thousand almost daily, and as the legislature and President Yanukovych are granting the police with harsher laws which are due to take effect today, the confrontation..

Which Would Have Worse Effect on Business in Israel?

01/21/2014 04:20:19 AM

  A recent report told of around a hundred business leaders told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “The world is running out of patience and the threat of sanctions is rising. We must reach an agreement with the Palestinians.” Their claim is that Israel must bend to the demands of..

Further Delusional Denials from the Truth by UNESCO

01/20/2014 03:48:22 AM

      UNESCO has once again chosen to deny representing truthful history and instead placating the hateful demands from the Arab world. This is the same UNESCO which bowed to the anti-Israel lobby and admitted the Palestinian Authority as a full member state almost immediately after t..

Disparate Impact Meets Zero Tolerance

01/19/2014 04:19:40 AM

  Thanks to an unprecedented cooperation between the Department of Justice and Education Department crafting a directive rolling out new directives for meting out discipline in schools, we now have competing dictates where enforcing the existent zero tolerance mandates will run headlong into ..

There Are No Viable Peace Plans Going Forward

01/18/2014 03:56:17 AM

  There are rumors of plans and it is likely that some of these rumors and stated plans might actually be under consideration, though thus far only Secretary of State Kerry and his assembled battalion of experts and a collection of Palestinian leadership have remained completely consistent, t..

Iran Aims to Attain Virtual Border with Israel Using Proxies

01/17/2014 04:19:41 AM

  We will never be able to determine whether or not the near surrender by the P5 +1 following the lead taken by President Obama with able support by the equally absent forcefulness of European Union Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton to the Iranians over their nuclear weapons program in enabli..

Air Force Once Again Maligning Warthogs

01/16/2014 04:28:32 AM

  The Air Force Warthog is officially called the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt and is a close support air attack aircraft beyond comparison. They are twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft with a GAU-8 Avenger 30 mm rotary cannon nestled in their nose and multiple hard-points on the wi..

United States Anger with Israeli Defense Minister Explains Everything

01/15/2014 04:39:52 AM

  The first lesson learned one more time from the latest United States-Israeli dust-up is that politicians in office, especially high office such as a Cabinet Minister, need to guard their comments and do so even more so if such statements might go public. This truism holds for anything said ..

Israel and Her Jewish Problem

01/14/2014 04:31:13 AM

  While I understand there are Jews who are not Zionists but even the vast majority of these non-Zionist Jews still do not take an antagonistic position when it comes to Israel. Many of these non-Zionist Jews may become Zionists given the right stimuli and certain situations. That aside, I ca..

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