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Proper and Necessary Israeli Response to Abbas Threats and Hamas

04/24/2014 05:22:13 AM

  Palestinian Authority Chairman has made a number of opposing and contradictory demands mixed with threats over the last few days. He has threatened to disband the Palestinian Authority once again implying that forcing Israel to take responsibility for security and maintenance of running the..

Who Really Suffers from All Those Reputed Phobias?

04/23/2014 05:17:56 AM

  We hear the accusations all the time. This one is Homophobic, that one is Islamophobic, etcetera etcetera. The latest headlines was about the forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich because of his insensitivity towards homosexuals as donating to the efforts to pass California Proposi..

The Boston Marathon and the American Spirit

04/22/2014 05:06:15 AM

  One year after the horrendous terrorist bombing perpetrated by the Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, brothers who were born in Chechnya but spending the decade before their hateful and despicable act of terror in the United States, the Boston Marathon was held today. One would have been fully..

Safest Place for Jews is in Israel?

04/21/2014 05:33:35 AM

    Where the most honest answer to the question of where is the safest country for Jews to live in could be argued, there is ample evidence to answer that that nation is Israel. For much of the world the Jewish population is not significant enough to be considered a place where a sufficie..

Ukraine Slowly Devolving Into Revolution

04/20/2014 04:43:32 AM

  The eastern Ukraine continues to churn and twist between its two polar opposite camps, one centered in Kiev and the other centered in Moscow. The Russian influence appears to be the favored side but this could simply be the result of the people being too afraid to be visibly seen to take a ..

The Latest Iranian Taqiyya

04/19/2014 04:57:26 AM

  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed during military parade on Friday marking the country's National Army Day celebrations where he stated, “We are not after war, we are after logic, we are after talks. (Iran) will not invade any country but will resist any invasion.” Such s..

The Foreign Policy Conundrum in America

04/18/2014 04:40:44 AM

  The apparently few Americans who truly worry over world affairs, along with those who live in that world, realize and try to explain that a world in which the benevolent power of the United States is in remission will necessarily facilitate the spread of evil and oppression in the world as ..

An Alternate Path to Palestinian Arab Israeli Peace

04/17/2014 05:47:26 AM

  By now one would think that the world would have realized that the traditional method of forcing negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel were a dead-end making peace unattainable and another route would have been sought. Despite all the claims and blaming of Israel for the..

Israel and America Nations Headed in Opposite Directions

04/16/2014 05:29:06 AM

  Spend a good amount of time in the malls and midtown shopping outdoor malls in Israel and the United States and simply count the numbers of baby carriages and pregnant women and you will quickly see a glaring difference. In Israel you cannot take more than a half dozen steps without having ..

Iran Negotiations Continue Going Downhill

04/15/2014 05:29:28 AM

  United States Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with reporters about the negotiations with Iran which presumably are aiming to prevent the Iranians from becoming a nuclear power by producing nuclear weaponry. Sometimes I wonder which causes a larger headache, thinking of a world containin..

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