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The Latest Iranian Taqiyya

04/19/2014 04:57:26 AM

  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed during military parade on Friday marking the country's National Army Day celebrations where he stated, “We are not after war, we are after logic, we are after talks. (Iran) will not invade any country but will resist any invasion.” Such s..

The Foreign Policy Conundrum in America

04/18/2014 04:40:44 AM

  The apparently few Americans who truly worry over world affairs, along with those who live in that world, realize and try to explain that a world in which the benevolent power of the United States is in remission will necessarily facilitate the spread of evil and oppression in the world as ..

An Alternate Path to Palestinian Arab Israeli Peace

04/17/2014 05:47:26 AM

  By now one would think that the world would have realized that the traditional method of forcing negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel were a dead-end making peace unattainable and another route would have been sought. Despite all the claims and blaming of Israel for the..

Israel and America Nations Headed in Opposite Directions

04/16/2014 05:29:06 AM

  Spend a good amount of time in the malls and midtown shopping outdoor malls in Israel and the United States and simply count the numbers of baby carriages and pregnant women and you will quickly see a glaring difference. In Israel you cannot take more than a half dozen steps without having ..

Iran Negotiations Continue Going Downhill

04/15/2014 05:29:28 AM

  United States Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with reporters about the negotiations with Iran which presumably are aiming to prevent the Iranians from becoming a nuclear power by producing nuclear weaponry. Sometimes I wonder which causes a larger headache, thinking of a world containin..

Try, Try, Try Again

04/14/2014 05:21:19 AM

  What you have with the current attempts by the Obama administration to resurrect the moribund peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is a very sick combination of two adages. What they are is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again,” combined with, ..

Putin Power Play Pressures Hapless Obama Response

04/13/2014 02:48:39 AM

  The news is filled with stories about Russian threats to many southern and eastern Ukrainian provinces, in particular Lugansk, Donets’ka, Zaporiz’ka, Khersons’ka and Luhans’ka. Reports tell of repeated attacks on government buildings with varying degrees of success. ..

The Death of Zionism in America

04/12/2014 05:15:04 AM

  This coming week we will hold our Passover Seder and say the words as we have traditionally for near two thousand years, “Next year in Jerusalem.” How many of us even think for a moment that we really desire to hold our Seder next year in Israel, let alone make the pilgrimage to..

Netanyahu Back in Familiar Position with Coalition in the Crosshairs

04/11/2014 04:36:03 AM

  As the great sage of baseball said, “It’s deja-vu all over again.” Last time that Bibi Netanyahu was Prime Minister and had a believed-to-be strong coalition, the Clinton administration forced concessions and heaped blame on the Prime Minister leaking damning reports to th..

Israel Fault and Lack of Flexibility End Negotiations

04/10/2014 04:37:05 AM

  The evidence keeps rolling in with one presumably credible source after another pointing the finger of blame on Israel over the latest failed peace initiatives. United States Secretary of State Kerry was probably one of the closest people to this last round of talks which he negotiated into..

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