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The Power of the Word to Keep You in Your Place

Posted on 02/11/2015 05:06:21 PM

Words are powerful things. They can perform the equivalent of miracles or be horribly destructive, depending on who uses them, when and how they are used. Sit at a religious service and you are prepared for emotional, spiritual elevation. Sit at a political rally, or more properly stand at one, and you ...

Topsy-Turvy World

Posted on 01/31/2015 11:39:43 AM

 I live in a world turned upside down. They call it the planet Earth...and I simply don’t understand the gift of intelligence with much of what I see of the use it’s being put to. Life isn’t too complicated...most of the time, and many issues can be resolved by the application ...

Global Giving Index 2014

Posted on 12/02/2014 05:15:38 AM

The United States and Myanmar are the most generous countries in the world according to the 2014 World Giving Index released this month. The report assessed generosity in three ways – making donations, helping a stranger and volunteering.  The report reveals a number of interesting findings, ...

The Need for Fashion

Posted on 09/06/2014 10:04:49 AM

Either we've just had Fashion Week in New York City or we're still in it. I don't know. What I do know is that there's a great deal of hoopla and jockeying for seating positions along the runways.  Of course, we all know that the seats not only go to the fashionistas but to those who get paid to ...

Preventing Dog Bites in Your House

Posted on 06/19/2014 11:46:22 PM

There are safeguards that can be taken to prevent dog bites from happening in your household. Tips to Avoid Dog Bites in Your House: Work with a local animal shelter, rescue organization, or reputable breeder that can help you find breeds and locate dogs of that breed that will be a good fit ...

Fault and Letting People Borrow Your Car

Posted on 06/19/2014 11:43:41 PM

Determining which driver is at fault The main issue in most car accidents is determining which driver is at fault. Typically, if one driver is negligent he or she will be found to be at fault. But with some situations fault can be given to someone who was not driving or maybe even present in the car ...

Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Posted on 06/19/2014 11:25:11 PM

As we move into summer a lot of people head out for summer vacations and trips - which can mean an increase in car accidents. Lots of things can make for dangerous driving conditions, but proper maintenance on your car can help your car from becoming one of those dangerous factors. Below are some ...

Increasing importance of wedding planner in Mumbai

Posted on 04/25/2014 06:48:32 AM

The celebration for two people’s bonding to tie them together for lifetime is the ceremony of wedding. This is a crucial turn in every individual’s life when one steps into the real world with more responsibilities for settling his family life. After marriage a person is supposed to get a ...

Vem aí o Dia das Mães 2014, uma data muito especial

Posted on 04/19/2014 04:02:02 PM

Estamos nos aproximando no Dia das Mães 2014 no Brasil, uma data muito especial. O Dia das Mães é considerado uma data móvel, por isso, com o passar dos anos ela acontece em datas diferentes, mas, de uma coisa é certa, o Dia das Mães sempre acontece no segundo ...

Intentions vs. Goals: How They Differ and Why We Use Both Methods

Posted on 04/09/2014 12:33:46 PM

First, I want to begin by saying happy April everyone!  Over here in NYC, the weather is sunny, beautiful and finally warming up (HOORAY!  )  So, since it’s the first week of April, I was taking time to write out and visualize my goals and intentions for the month ...

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