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Fashion and Psychology and How It Fools You

02/13/2014 15:45:50 PM

There is a rather common belief that our clothes say a lot about us and there’s now scientific evidence to back up that idea.  But even before the social psychologists began looking at how assumptions are based on appearance or clothing, we all knew that, didn’t we? Remember that ..

The Mummy Drivel Trap

02/12/2014 19:24:44 PM

I have become aware of a writing flaw, an annoying self-righteous, ego centric point of view, often found on mother’s blogs called Mummy Drivel. Mummy Drivel: definition Constant analysis of how to become a better mother combined with a narrow focus on self and one’s adorable children t..

Diatribe: When A Frozen Chicken Is A Weapon Of Purpose.

02/12/2014 10:29:50 AM

I’ve always enjoyed a good murder mystery.  Not the blood and gore crap that we’ve come to find today on cable television and in multiplexes but stories that focus more on suspense than on shock.  Anything brought to the screen by Alfred Hitchcock rises to the top of my list of..

♥♥♥ Finally with you.. ♥♥♥

02/10/2014 13:30:02 PM

Finally I will say to you: 'I love you 'as much as I wantI will draw hearts between my name and yoursI will look into your eyesFinally I will share you your sadness and happinessAnd as my heart will fly for your smileIt would cry and bleed if it saw you tearFinally I will see you the whole days and ..

Weaving the Threads: Cats in Three Parts

02/05/2014 13:00:43 PM

Daily Prompt: Weaving the Threads. Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place Our House Lyrics by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. From My Girl 2 Our house is a very, ..

Ovation: The Reappearance Of Anne Frank’s Marbles.

02/05/2014 10:15:47 AM

Like many children of my day, I went through a period where “playing marbles” was all the rage.  We never drew a circle on the ground like some kids but, instead, we would make our circle from a long piece of string.  My brother was much better at the game than I was and accumu..

Switcheroo: You Want Me to Pretend?

02/04/2014 16:14:43 PM

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo. If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why? How could I possibly step into another writer's shoes and take over their blog for a week, especially if I had to assume the tone, voice and opinions of the author? I suppose some pe..

A Salute to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

02/02/2014 20:19:14 PM

For years, Daniel rode our old horse like a combination of a Mountie and Zorro and never merely walked but leaped and jumped as if he was soaring through the air, just like a super hero. A Salute to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on their 140th Anniversary, Four-year Old style This year is the ..

Diatribe: Mall Cop Militias.

01/31/2014 10:44:38 AM

Have you ever been somewhere and suddenly realized that, maybe, you should be frightened?  Maybe you've missed a sign or a clue that danger might be lurking around the corner?  Last weekend I experienced an uneasiness that I haven't felt in many years ... when I went to see a movie with so..

Mothers, Do You Act Like a Vacuum?

01/28/2014 21:24:53 PM

Ah mothers. Aren’t we a great bunch? Always running around serving, we look like like a combination of Martha and Mary. A+ Mums, right? Think again. When we refuse to give up control, we shut out the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact we end up acting just like vaccum cleaners when it is God&r..

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