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Posted on 12/09/2012 08:01:17 PM

Last night, I watched Iyanla Fix My Life and the episode was titled, "Fix My Cheating Husband."    It was about a couple that were separated and the wife was considering divorce.  For eight months, they have been living apart and living a lie because no one knew that they were separat..


Posted on 12/09/2012 07:50:02 PM

Have you ever been in a relationship where you argued over things that you thought were so important, but at the end of the day it was a bunch of bullshit? There has been too many times where I have seen people go at each other for some of the most foolish things you could think of. Yes, everyone ha..

Listen To The Unique Wisdom Of Mothers

Posted on 12/09/2012 05:31:43 PM

Exactly how society forms the next generation will directly influence the kind of society that they in turn create. Do we want a world focused only on the ruthless accumulation of wealth, are we creating a race of humans who are becoming increasingly shallow, cold and cynical about relationships, ..

Iggy the Bold Bunny

Posted on 12/09/2012 05:24:11 PM

. Iggy defied the laws of nature with her spunk. Iggy, our new bunny was full of joy when we first brought her home and let her out of her cage. She could not believe that she was finally free. She ran laps around the entire house jumping and twisting in the air every few minutes. Apparently rabb..

Letting My Readers Connect With Me

Posted on 12/08/2012 08:49:34 PM

  Credit: meI am a passionate gardener. I read an article encouraging writers to reveal odd facts about themselves so that their readers could become aquainted with the person behind the articles. 1. I HATE scary movies. As soon as the music rises ominously, I start pacing. Once in a movie..

The Sly Fox And The Traumatized Chicken

Posted on 12/07/2012 08:58:25 PM

  Red was very adept at snatching chickens We all marvelled at the fox's audacity because this episode occurred in broad daylight The sly fox. No words better describe our intelligent, resident fox. Red consistently fooled our dumb guard dog by laying his foxy scent in pointless circles. ..

The Common Sense Approach

Posted on 12/06/2012 11:56:49 PM

My Doctor celebrated each birth with joy. “Good. The head nurse is on coffee break ." Our family doctor, who was also my obstetrician, had warned us to come into town immediately with my first labour pains. My eighth child was going to come quickly . Dr. H met me outside the hospital, ..

Blogging Opened The Door To Writing

Posted on 12/05/2012 10:46:12 PM

Open the door Actually I can hardly believe that I feel free enough today to stand up and boldly yell, ” I love writing and I want to help others start writing by encouraging them to blog.” It took me years to finally decide to start writing again. I had taken a 30 year sabbatical s..

I'm Batman Foevaaa

Posted on 12/04/2012 10:48:13 AM

Anthony wore his costume everywhere Anthony's outfit was my little guy’s salute to his three heroes- Batman, Zorro and the Canadian Mounted Police. Anthony, my second youngest, had a marvellous imagination, creating dramatic play scenarios like intense sword fights with invisible villains..

Nurturing Your Baby Before Birth

Posted on 12/03/2012 10:22:15 PM

Baby's are not idiots An unborn child hears and reacts emotionally not only to his mother but also to the people and activity around him. Prenatal babies have personalities before they are born. As any mother can tell you some babies move around energetically both in and out of the womb, while ..

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