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Is teasing by a parent or adult a form of bullying?

Posted on 02/23/2013 12:07:24 PM

I was teased as a kid and it didn’t make me feel good about myself or the person teasing me. Did it “toughen me up”? Maybe? I can’t really say but I’m sure I teased others because of it which looking back wasn’t a great characteristic that I can say I was proud..

Creative Thinking

Posted on 02/22/2013 11:24:33 PM

We simply must take the time to listen rather than over think and analyze. " Creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there's no particular virtue in doing things the way they always have been done " - Rudolf Flesch There are several ways of looking at a problematic situation. Earl..

The Penny Boys

Posted on 02/21/2013 02:07:46 PM

  lAnthony has a pie shaped area in his iris that is more green than brown and 20/20 vision. We all keep outrageous mum sayings tucked away in the back of our brains. Modern mums try not to resort to these gory warnings. "Come down this instant; you are going to fall and break your neck!" "C..

How to Prevent Home Burglaries

Posted on 02/21/2013 08:54:13 AM

Home burglaries are never a pleasant thing. There is no need to explain why – somebody stealing your precious belongings, breaking your windows or doors. Really not the best thing to happen to a person. The strange thing is, that home alarm systems are becoming more popular, but the burglaries..

How Do You Respond To Negative Feedback?

Posted on 02/18/2013 11:39:09 AM

One simple but strong word springs to mind as a response to this question: I DON’T. I have finally become smart enough to understand that the best response to angry comments is silence. Why? I can repeat or clarify a misunderstanding. I can attempt to reconcile opposing viewpoints but us..

Calling B.S on Over protective Parents

Posted on 02/16/2013 05:04:22 PM

  Childhood should be a time to play in freedom and joy; When I was a child, we hopped on bikes without helmets, only wore sunscreen at the beach and ate peanut butter sandwiches. When my oldest children started school in the mid to late eighty's, they played marbles, bounced tennis balls ..


Posted on 02/15/2013 09:42:28 PM

Seriously, does every other writer logically plan out their articles, essays, short stories and books with their left brain? After reading a second prompt in eight days implying that all writers choose consciously what subjects and people they want to write about, for a moment I felt rattled. Se..

Make Him Feel Special on Valentine's Day Without Spending Money

Posted on 02/13/2013 08:57:41 AM

When Valentine's day approaches , everybody get crazy. It feels like there is something special in the air. You may notice, but you start to dream more and smile more even if it's unconsciously. This day it's the perfect occasion to straighten your relationship. However, your positive mood may be ma..

The Penny Boys

Posted on 02/12/2013 12:57:54 PM

Ruth kept repeating, over and over,"Penny down thwoat, penny down thwoat." Joseph was six months old, laying on his back in this crib, while two-year old Ruth sat at the other end, playing with a few pennies in a tiny change purse. I was washing the bedroom floor when suddenly Joseph started c..

Invisible Illness vs. Visible Illness

Posted on 02/08/2013 04:29:40 PM

People rush to help people who have physical ailments. Mental illness has the power to marginalize patients. Picture these two separate scenes. In the first vignette, a smiling young woman with a cumbersome backpack, leans with both hands on a walker as she edges towards heavy doors leading ..

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