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Diatribe: Sbarro Pizza Files For Bankruptcy Protection … Again.

03/11/2014 13:58:48 PM

Many years ago I worked in a downtown office building that was off the beaten path.  It was several blocks from the busier part of the city and, consequently, there was no place to run out for a quick lunch.  If my office mates and I didn’t bring a lunch from home, it was a bit of a ..

Diatribe: How Clean Can A Cat Café Really Be?

03/05/2014 13:48:41 PM

We enjoy having friends over for dinner.  Planning a Saturday evening meal gives me something to look forward to throughout the week and it’s always fun to use the “good china”.  One couple has hosted us at their house but we haven’t been able to reciprocate because..

Ovation: Ben & Jerry's New Core Ice Cream Flavors.

02/27/2014 12:18:32 PM

One of my grandmothers had a bit of a reputation for keeping ice cream on hand.  I remember she always had something in her freezer for my siblings and I to snack on when we would spend the night.  She was a wonderful baker but ice cream was a big hit on a summer night when it was time to ..

Natural Food Consumers - Thank-You

02/14/2014 07:40:32 AM

Growing organic fruits and vegetables and raising livestock ethically and naturally for meat and milk for personal consumption (including family) is very satisfying and healthy. Producing extra is often superior, such as in raising two or more pigs together rather than one alone, and creates a situa..

How To Make The Perfect Valentine's Cookies For An Hour

02/04/2014 05:01:21 AM

Valentine's day is coming soon. If you have forgotten about it, just click on Pinterest. It's full of hearth shaped DIY ideas for presents. If you are in a happy relationship or you are married, you want to do something special for your lover, right?   I would love to go on a romantic dinner or..

Ovation: 3D Chocolate Printing.

01/27/2014 11:21:17 AM

Sometimes it feels like I’m about three or four months behind the trend.  If I have a good idea, something really clever, it seems that someone else makes it popular shortly thereafter.  It seems that we can even talk about painting the walls in one of our bedrooms an unusual color a..

Ovation: The Arrival Of Beer Flavored Jelly Beans!

01/22/2014 10:19:34 AM

I have a really good friend who is quite the “beer expert”.  He knows all the beer lingo, has tasted beers from around the world and really, seriously, knows what he’s talking about when it comes to enjoying a cold tall one. Me … not so much. I can’t tell an expen..

Diatribe: Guard Your Nuts! Heists On The Rise!

01/21/2014 10:49:18 AM

I had dinner at a Mongolian Grill restaurant over the weekend, where diners select the ingredients for their meal.  The Asian stir-fry concept includes a variety of meats and vegetables that can be combined with different flavored sauces and starches to create a unique dish for each diner. ..

Ovation: Pizza By The Slice At Pizza Hut!

01/14/2014 11:59:09 AM

A very long time ago, when I was still a smoker, we were allowed to smoke at our desks in the office.  I was terribly addicted and usually had a cigarette burning throughout the day.  Always trying to be considerate of those around me, I would balance a clipboard on the corner of the waste..

Diatribe: #Cheesepocalypse.

01/09/2014 14:19:40 PM

At my house there is always cheese.  We actually keep several varieties on hand.  In the fridge at any given time we have sticks of string cheese for snacks, a packaged cheese ball for emergency happy hours, shredded cheddar to sprinkle on just about anything and a big box of individual sl..

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