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I'm Not Deaf

Posted on 03/29/2015 08:03:47 PM

The White House has scored a major breakthrough and a coup for those with any disability related to deafness or for the hard-of-hearing individuals who have always been challenged in career aspirations. Leah Katz-Hernandez is a White Receptionist and she is deaf as are both her parents.True, sc..

Only the Lonely or Maybe Those With Malintent?

Posted on 03/22/2015 10:13:12 AM

Friday night and, coincidentally, it's Spring Break so Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida is should-to-shoulder with a very mixed crowd. Walking along the equivalent of Restaurant Row (only these are all open to the sidewalk), you get the feeling you're in South Beach but it's a bit farther no..

Figuratively Raping the Therapist

Posted on 03/13/2015 04:39:40 PM

Mental health is a profession of secrets and perhaps the one secret where a therapist becomes a victim is our code of silence required by professional ethics. These ethics, just like the bond of silence between a priest and a confessor, protect and harm in insidious ways.Reading yet another article ..

Robert Durst: Murderer or Innocent Jinx?

Posted on 03/11/2015 09:46:37 AM

Call him Bobbie, Mr. Bob, or Robert Durst, a billionaire from a extremely wealthy, prominent New York real estate management firm and you might also call him a multiple murderer, but therein lies the rub. Durst has recently been the main character in a TV documentary/series, "The Jinx." Why jin..

Words Do Hurt

Posted on 02/25/2015 01:37:19 AM

Verbal abuse creates emotional pain and mental anguish. It is a lie told to you or about you. Generally, verbal abuse defines people, telling them what they are, what they think, their motives, and so forth. Almost everyone has heard of, or knows of, someone who has been verbally abused. Perhaps yo..

Kids Are Killing Themselves at Alarming Rate

Posted on 02/21/2015 04:36:16 PM

Childhood has been, mistakenly, seen by adults in a distorted rear view mirror memory of the idyllic time of life depicted in charming stories and folk tales. It's too far from the truth to even be considered by anyone who truly cares to consider the tribulations of childhood that pile up at a rapid..

The Quandry That Driving Presents

Posted on 02/14/2015 12:32:57 PM

The light changed. All cars were stopped and the green shone steadily telling us that we were free to approach and make the turn onto the local highway. But the blue car in front had a driver who hesitated as he approached the road, swerving slightly and then stopping at the light. He looked left to..

Someone Died Today

Posted on 02/13/2015 07:18:38 AM

Someone died today in your town, your state or your country and their passing will either be noted or a momentary blip in the usual routine. They will be mourned in traditional or unusual ceremonies intended to help those left behind to deal with this hole in their whole and then we will continue. B..

The Power of the Word to Keep You in Your Place

Posted on 02/11/2015 05:06:21 PM

Words are powerful things. They can perform the equivalent of miracles or be horribly destructive, depending on who uses them, when and how they are used. Sit at a religious service and you are prepared for emotional, spiritual elevation. Sit at a political rally, or more properly stand at one, and ..

Topsy-Turvy World

Posted on 01/31/2015 11:39:43 AM

 I live in a world turned upside down. They call it the planet Earth...and I simply don’t understand the gift of intelligence with much of what I see of the use it’s being put to. Life isn’t too complicated...most of the time, and many issues can be resolved by the applicatio..

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