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Vem aí o Dia das Mães 2014, uma data muito especial

04/19/2014 16:02:02 PM

Estamos nos aproximando no Dia das Mães 2014 no Brasil, uma data muito especial. O Dia das Mães é considerado uma data móvel, por isso, com o passar dos anos ela acontece em datas diferentes, mas, de uma coisa é certa, o Dia das Mães sempre acontece no ..

Intentions vs. Goals: How They Differ and Why We Use Both Methods

04/09/2014 12:33:46 PM

First, I want to begin by saying happy April everyone!  Over here in NYC, the weather is sunny, beautiful and finally warming up (HOORAY!  )  So, since it’s the first week of April, I was taking time to write out and visualize my goals and intentions for the month..

Ovation: Because Of Continued Ban Of LGBT Adults, Walt Disney World Pulls Support From Boy Scouts Of America.

03/05/2014 13:45:07 PM

The last place that I worked had a program that encouraged employees to donate to charity by matching, to a limit, any monetary donations up to a certain dollar amount.  They would also donate cash if we volunteered for a certain amount of time for a number of pre-approved charities.  Many..

Ovation: Coca Cola Included A Gay Family In Their Super Bowl Advertisement.

02/03/2014 14:07:26 PM

My friends and I usually joke that the commercials and the snacks are the best part of a Super Bowl party.  This year it was no joke.  The game was far from exciting and the commercials weren’t even all that great.  Many of them had been released early online or via social media..

Diatribe: Who Needs A Flexible Cell Phone?

01/07/2014 14:34:41 PM

I find smartphones to be amazing.  I never dreamed that I’d live in a world where I could carry a device in my pocket that would allow me to make calls, send letters, see weather radar, take pictures, record videos, lock my car door or adjust the thermostat in my house.  While I&rsqu..

Diatribe: Leaving Christmas Decorations Up All Year.

12/26/2013 12:36:20 PM

When I was a child, outdoor Christmas lights weren’t found on every single house like they are in some neighborhoods today.  They were expensive to purchase, operate and maintain and many families, particularly those with small children, would choose to spend any extra funds that they mig..

Ovation: Getting Our Priorities Right At Christmastime.

12/11/2013 11:45:10 AM

This is the time of year when I really feel fortunate and lucky and charmed and prosperous and favored.  Most of all I feel blessed.  I have a nice home and a good job, I’m relatively healthy and I’ve found my soul mate.  I don’t want for much of anything.  Whil..

Small town Tuesday:

12/01/2013 20:06:38 PM

This is my weekly installment of Small Town Tuesday. If you have a small-town story (with pictures is even better! ) please send me a message at or on Facebook.   We recently had a little party for Brady's 8th birthday. We invited family, his 2nd grade classmates an..

Hire Toronto Wedding Planner and Don't Settle For Less

11/10/2013 10:21:03 AM

Making arrangements for the wedding is a pleasurable thing, yet it is a big deal where there are millions of things to keep in mind. With so much on the mind from making arrangement to planning and bookings, and to see that nothing goes missing is an unnerving task. Like any newbie venturing into t..

Guida a Whatsapp!

11/05/2013 01:46:46 AM

Ogni giorno sentiamo parlare di messaggi, gruppi, condivisione di foto e video ma non sentiamo nominare Facebook o Twitter: di cosa staranno parlando?   E' il gran fenomeno, o meglio, l'enorme successo riscosso da Whatsapp (chiamato comunemente Wozap ), il servizio gratuito di messaggistic..

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