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Ovation: It's Never Too Late For Proof Reading.

03/05/2014 14:12:23 PM

When I was in high school, I was an assistant editor for the school newspaper.  I had several responsibilities including helping with the layout of each issue and writing “filler” articles but my function was primarily that of “proof reader”.  I’ve always been..

Amnesty International tasked Nigeria FG to provide protection for students

10/01/2013 06:22:37 AM

The sunday's killing of 47 students at the college of Agriculture in Yobe State has been condemned by global human rights group, Amnesty International. Lucy Freeman, the Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International said that authorities must take urgent measures to protect students in the North-..

ricky ponting farewell

12/20/2012 13:05:11 PM

Ricky Ponting departed the international cricket scene in style, despite a cheap dismissal in his final innings for eight, but left as Australia’s all-time leading Test batsman. After 168 Test matches he says good bye to Test cricket. Ricky Ponting’s comes to bat when Australia needing o..

Blackmail, Grief, Guilt, Sensationalism and Finally a Media Award?

11/21/2012 22:20:54 PM

Anonymous calls and where they lead In 2005, when I was getting custody back of my daughter, someone made an anonymous call to the Kennebec Journal and said; "You want to write a story about a child killer who's getting her daughter back?". Well that prompted a series of phone calls to my attorne..

David Cameron is right about witch hunts in wake of abuse scandals

11/13/2012 13:58:44 PM

Some time ago when Britain was again gripped in an uproar about paedophile rings, both real and imaginary, I was told the sort of yarn which prompted that bloke on day-time sofa TV yesterday to hand David Cameron a list of "top Tory" suspects at the heart of the British establishment. The PM resp..

Gooseneck lights can Change Your Place into a Better Workplace

07/17/2012 12:22:12 PM

  Lights affect our daily lives.  It is very important in our home and especially on all businesses. Lighting in the workplace has an obvious physical effect on us but we don’t really feel the effect of inappropriate lighting not until you will suffer eyestrain and some minor offic..

Monatsr├╝ckblick April 2012

05/01/2012 10:42:51 AM

Die Bundesbank druckt heimlich neue D-Mark Noten für den Fall, dass die Euro-Schuldenkrise nicht mehr zu managen ist. Gott sei Dank oder Leider war das Eine von vielen Aprilscherzen die in einigen Zeitungen zu lesen war. Das Gedicht von Günter Grass hat die Nation aufschreien lassen und..

Daily News Notes

10/16/2011 01:35:41 AM

Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC) today discussed policy options with regard to the slowing economic growth and high inflation. The meeting was attended by PMEAC Chairman C. Rangarajan, RBI Governor B. Subba Rao, Advisor to the Finance Ministry Kaushik Basu and Planning Commis..


10/10/2011 21:24:10 PM

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama’s administration crafted a legal document in secret ahead of the assassination of US-born Al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaqi, which permitted the killing of an American citizen without trial, a report said Saturday.  The secret memorandum was written in 2..

Job Vacancies at Giant September 2011

09/16/2011 04:14:54 AM

Job Vacancies at Giant September 2011 Our new Distribution Centre in Sepang is RM250-million Distribution and Logistics Facility that will streamline the movement of stocks to our growing network of hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. We invite dynamic individuals with the necessary expertise..

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