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Hurricane Sandy worse than I thought

10/30/2012 17:17:05 PM

The Damage ♥ The Northeast storm turned out to be really serious. I knew when they told EVERYONE in those states to evacuate that it was going to be big, but the power outages, the mass flooding(submerged subways & cities) and all the damage..."an estimated $20 BILLION in property damage..

T-mobile changes it Data Entry plan to meet demand

10/24/2012 14:33:25 PM

T-mobile has changed its entry data  plan to meet high demand in the Smartphone market, before their entry level plan gave you 200MB now they will offer 2GB for $20 a month . All new customers must start at the entry level plan and go up from there, for those who still have the 200MB they will ..

Yahoo packing up shop in South Korea part of new business plan

10/24/2012 12:43:23 PM

Yahoo has announced they are shutting down its office in South Korea, company officials say its part of Yahoo restructuring plan to come back to the top in the search engine market . The company has plans to shut down the office by the end of 2012 there is no word on what they will do with the 200 e..

Swype introduces some new time saver features

10/23/2012 19:58:00 PM

Swype has added some new time saver features to its beta version, now your personal dictionary sync’s with your other devices, this feature saves you a lot of time from manually having to put in each word when you use a different device . The dictionary also adds current global trends . For ta..

Best Buy will launch its own tablet November 11th

10/22/2012 17:45:58 PM

Best Buy has plans to launch its own tablet next month called Insignia Flex, this tablet will be like most tablets it will have a nice size screen that is 9.7 inches, loaded with a responsive dual core 1Ghz processor and have 10 hrs of battery life . When this tablet first comes out Android 4.0 Ice ..

Netflix launches windows 8 app

10/16/2012 23:23:43 PM

Netflix did not waste any time preparing for windows 8 launch, they have already submitted their official app to the Windows Store . For people who already have the beta version of windows 8 they can take advantage of the app now . Netflix says this app was built just for windows 8 and its new platf..

Google has just updated more than 250,000 miles of road

10/16/2012 13:18:17 PM

Google has just updated Street View adding more than 250,000 miles of road to its database . With this new update there is more coverage in the United States and across the World to places like Great Britain, Italy, and Sweden . This is Google biggest Street View update since it’s launch. Alon..

FTC filing law suite against Google practices

10/16/2012 11:26:37 AM

Google has recently came under fire with the United States Federal Trade Commission, They are accused of fixing their search results to benefit them the most causing the FTC to file an antitrust lawsuit  against them . There are reports that the FTC has a memo that is more than 100 pages long a..

Best Buy to match any online retailer this holiday season

10/15/2012 20:39:07 PM

Best Buy has announced its fighting back against online retailers, this holiday season they will price match any product customers find online cheaper . Lately Best Buy has seen people just use their store as a showroom than a place to shop . They want to change that by price matching its competitor..

Ovation: Ryan Andreson and Andy Zerbinopoulos - Eagle Scouts To Admire.

10/13/2012 08:46:24 AM

It’s no longer news that, last July, after a confidential two-year review and despite at least one board members stand, the Boy Scouts of America enthusiastically reaffirmed its policy of excluding both gay youth and gay troop leaders from participation.  As a private organization, t..

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