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Former Boston Red Sox owner dies...

05/15/2013 09:46:55 AM

It was 85-years ago today that the life of my great-grandfather, Joseph John Lannin, ended mysteriously when he fell from the ninth floor of one of his hotels in Brooklyn, NY. Questions were raised about JJ’s death from family members, but the official coroner’s report stated that he was “…..

The Other Texas Explosion - April 16, 1947

04/18/2013 07:48:06 AM

On April 16, 1947,  almost 65 fives years ago to the day, a cargo ship exploded in Texas City, Texas, causing the deadliest explosion and worst industrial disaster in U.S. history. The Grandcamp, a converted World War II ship, was taking on a load of  fertilizer at a dock next to a complex..

Rosetta Stone Sprachkurse heute im Amazon Blitzangebot!

04/08/2013 01:50:58 AM

  In der Vorweihnachtszeit brennt Amazon geradezu ein Feuerwerk an Blitzangeboten ab. Heute sind die beliebten Sprachkurse von Rosetta Stone zu einem geringeren Preis erhältlich.   Was sind Amazon Blitzangebote? Bei den Amazon Blitzangeboten handelt es sich um Produktangebote, die ein..

Amazon Sonderaktion – Kindle eReader nur HEUTE für 59 Euro

04/04/2013 02:23:01 AM

  Wir haben erst kürzlich darauf hingewiesen, wie wichtig Lesen für die Entwicklung und das Sprachenlernen ist. Ein Gerät, das mir persönlich sehr beim Englischlernen geholfen hat, ist der Amazon Kindle eReader. Diesen gibt es heute einmalig für 59 Euro auf Am..

Aren't $8.3M in Damage Payments a Fortune? Other Patients Disagree

03/20/2013 13:37:33 PM

For anybody who hears the news about the whooping $8.3 million in compensatory damages won by Loren “Bill” Kransky over the lawsuit filed against DePuy Orthopaedics, he must have been a very lucky person. But when one will looks closely beyond it and takes time to read the reason for whi..

Are You Ready for Any More Disaster?

02/14/2013 21:16:50 PM

Let’s face it, the world is not like the way it was before. Storms, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes -- there’s just too many natural disasters that we need to worry about. And as if that’s not enough, you look around and you’ll see horrible news about mass killings, robbery,..

No Privatized Parking Meters for NYC

02/11/2013 12:18:59 PM

New York has decided to drop its plans to privatize the City's parking meters, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The City had decided last summer to hire a private company to operate its on-street parking meters. but still control major decisions, such as pricing and operating times. ..

The Self Watering Flower Boxes Is Better For People With Busy Schedules

02/01/2013 14:57:20 PM

If you cannot stay for one day in your home just because you are too busy with your job right now, you may be thinking that having some extra baggage’s with your household activities right now.  If you are keep on thinking that when you are busy you have no chance to beautify your own hom..

Keeping The Love Alive Terrarium Gifts On Valentine’s Day

01/24/2013 15:02:45 PM

Are you tired of giving expensive gifts to your love ones, tired in the sense that you have no budget for expensive things this month of hearts?  Well, you don’t have to worry anymore for there are a lot of things that you can buy online that are very affordable but perfect gift to your l..

Support by Fire... Veterans helping Veterans!

01/22/2013 12:10:38 PM

Support by Fire Vanguard Documents Rise Of PTSD In Iraq/Afghanistan War Vets I thought people may find this informative. "In this episode of Vanguard, correspondent Kaj Larsen investigates the alarming rise in the number of soldiers who have been traumatized by war and are now accused of bringing t..

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