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The Zero Day

01/02/2013 11:07:22 AM

New year, new life, new chances, new lilt. Today is Zero Day in my calendar. It means planning and preparing. Tomorrow I will start to freshen all the profiles, updating and uploading lots of lost tracks, correcting broken links, practice live act, maybe recording one, start to communicate with foll..

A list of Cork (Ireland) bands to check out

12/11/2012 08:46:46 AM

The alternative music scne of Ireland's most southern city is thriving at this very minute. Below are ten Cork bands that I recommend readers get their teeth into asap.   01. Seti The First: 02. Trumpets of Jericho:


09/11/2012 22:30:00 PM

Madonna Gang Bang Wild Diva Hang Up Your Stillettos! Kindly, if you please, do us all this favor before the year end seasonal holidays across the world, would you? could you? should you? must you? ought you? Shame or shameless. You decide your fate, but keep it in your own bedrooms, OK? What is your..

Ovation: Adam Lambert Makes Billboard History.

05/24/2012 09:50:37 AM

In 2010, I had the opportunity to see and hear Adam Lambert perform live when his Glam Nation Tour made a stop at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.  The venue, the original home of the Grand Ol’ Opry, holds historical significance to the music community as well as hosting a variety of p..

Colgado en tus manos

05/03/2012 00:24:18 AM

Letra de Carlos Baute - Colgando en tus manos Letra Letra de Carlos Baute - Colgando en tus manos Letra Quizá no fue coincidencia encontrarme contigo, Tal vez esto lo hizo el destino.Quiero dormirme de nuevo en tu pechoY después me despierten tus besos.Tu sexto sentido sue&ntild..

Fall in love with Inti-Illimani

05/02/2012 01:39:54 AM

For more than four decades, Chilean folk group Inti-Illimani have been playing folk music with a social conscience the world over. The group is currently celebrating a 45 year milestone in its long and varied history as Chile’s best known pioneers of la Nueva Canción Chilena. Champions of the An..

caradeniño dj

02/02/2012 04:32:51 AM

Caradeniño es en uno de los DJs españoles más eclécticos. De su maleta puede salir Electrónica, Rock, Dubstep, Dutch- House, Indie, Electro, Hip Hop y Moombahton; durante toda la noche si es necesario! Nacido en el 88, ha participado en Festivales tan pretigio..

Un DJ s’appelle désormais un PLATINISTE

01/05/2012 04:03:42 AM

Sur le territoire Francais et dans un souci de "francisation", le DJ s'appelle un platiniste . Conformément au JO (journal officiel) du 16 octobre 2011, un platiniste est un artiste qui combine différentes sources sonores, particulièrement des disques en..

A Few Ideas About the Next Radiohead Album

10/20/2011 02:01:41 AM

If you haven’t listened to Radiohead’s latest offering, The King of Limbs, then you might want to as you’re reading this article. The album was met with mixed critical response, as it saw the band take an abrupt u-turn from their previous, more electronically driven album, In Rainb..

Le métier de DJ est devenu un métier de spécialistes

10/10/2011 13:08:29 PM

Au cours de ces dernières années, le DJ est devenu un spécialiste (clientèle de plus en plus exigente) qui sait enchainer parfaitement les morceaux, tout en ajoutant sa petite touche personnelle, ses effets (spéciaux) en temps réel et selon les réacti..

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