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Diatribe: Suleman Octuplets Record Christmas Tune.

11/19/2012 09:39:53 AM

In 1980, at the age of fourteen, Brooke Shields was featured in an advertisement campaign for Calvin Klein jeans.  Some thought the content of the advertisement, “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” was inappropriate for the young starlett and portrayed ..

Korean Pop Music Takes the World by Storm: How it Appeals to Fans

11/02/2012 11:49:55 AM

In our second interview on the rise of Korean pop music, or K-Pop, we turn to a dynamic duo – Wendi Wheeler and Kris E. – two bloggers who have taken their passion for Korean music and entertainment to the online world. Are they consumers, entertainment journalists, or prosumers who..

K-Pop: What is it? and Why has it Become so Enormously Popular?

11/02/2012 11:44:29 AM

Korean pop music, better known as K-Pop, has become enormously popular in Asia in recent years, but other parts of the world by and large remained immune to its catchy rhythms and melodies. North America in particular has always been a target market for major music producers in South Korea..

95.7 Kiss FM Radio

10/25/2012 11:53:30 AM

95.7 Kiss FM WVKF (95.7 FM, "95.7 Kiss FM") is a radio station broadcasting a contemporary hit radio format. Licensed to Shadyside, Ohio, USA, the station serves the Wheeling, West Virginia, area. The station is currently owned by Clear Channel Communications. WVKF began its life on 105.5 as "Th..

What is Your Favorite Earworm?

10/03/2012 00:00:59 AM

If you don't know what an earworm is, here's a simple explanation. An earworm is a tune, sound, or melodic syllable that keeps sneaking into your system. You hear it playing over and over in your head, even without any music on. When it comes, it either urges you to unwittingly sing the tune, or to ..

Whatever happened to Patty Smyth?

07/16/2012 11:12:12 AM

One of my guilty pleasures of the 80's was the music of Patty Smyth and Scandal.   I saw them on Halloween at the historic Orpheum Theare in Minneapolis.   Patty dressed as a witch for the encores, "The Warrior" and "Goodbye To You".   Between her work with Scandal and her solo CD..

Lita Ford's New CD Review

07/16/2012 11:09:09 AM

In 2009, Lita released her comeback CD, Wicked Wonderland. It landed on many Top 10 WORST CD lists for the year.  The biggest problem was that Lita lost everything that we loved about her in the 80's.   Her music added synthesizers, darker heavier guitars, special studio tricks, and s..

Fireflyer Music | Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Electro House Music Blog

05/15/2012 15:30:46 PM

Have you ever wondered where DJs get hold of all those tunes they play? How are the always one step ahead of the game? How do they have the latest banger before you have even hear it? Well unless you are a superstar or high class radio DJs who get sent hundereds of tunes a week to their inbox, you n..

YouTube Music

03/09/2012 15:33:15 PM

  Anyone can be a star, and everyone is a star with You Tube Music. Connect to the internet and you have connected with Millions, You Tube Music gets it out there for anyone. Everyone can do something different, something funny, something great; it can make you famous, right Justin? It is all a..

Ovation: Consider Yourself Challenged! Name That Tune To Make A Comeback!

03/09/2012 08:15:10 AM

I grew up in a very musical household.  My grandfather was a professional musician, my mother was an avid organ enthusiast and there was always a radio playing somewhere in the house.  We would enjoy singalongs at Shaky’s Pizza as often as possible and there was rarely a family gathe..

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