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Observe these 5 things on St Patrick’s Day NYC!

03/26/2014 01:14:39 AM

Let’s observe shall we? Ah, here comes St Patrick’s Day. A day where we here in NYC observe all types of partying people from all walks of life taking a nip of the whiskey, eating some badly made corned beef and cabbage, and washing it all down with green tinted beer. That green bee..

Malaysian eats in NYC – Malaysia Grill!

03/26/2014 01:13:02 AM

Malaysian food, hmmmm. I’m not really sure what Malaysian food is as I assume it’s a combo of many different styles, cultures, and cuisines. I ain’t no Asian persuasion, but we had no problem enjoying our meal here over the weekend after trying it out the first time. We dug right i..

Whips, chains, sex toys – Oh My! Babeland NYC!

03/26/2014 01:11:15 AM

When it comes to sex, just let your freak flag fly! As we were doing some holiday shopping this past season down by Mercer Street we happened to pass by Babeland and decided like stupid giggling kids to drop in. Yes, because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like sex toys! Just be..

Projectile vomiting and getting sick in NYC!

03/26/2014 01:08:08 AM

Getting sick really sucks when living in NYC. Yeah, I know it pretty much sucks anywhere you live and get sick, but it absolutely kills me when I am projectile vomiting across the streets of Manhattan. I’m the type that never really falls ill, so when it does happen it’s a total shock to..

The Art of Letting Go

03/16/2014 19:29:07 PM

If you are total DFF (a.k.a. Disney Film Fanatic) like me, then you totally understand the millions of people around the world who continuously rise up and sing every time the song, “Let it Go” from the movie Frozenbegins. The reason that people from ages seven to seventy-seven have..

Sometimes an old school NYC egg cream is all that you need.

02/19/2014 12:25:07 PM

I am one of those that still enjoy the simple things in life. I hunt out the old style joints from a time gone by. Old New York is disappearing and in it’s place are plenty of terrific new spots to eat and drink at. Yet, there are times when all I want to satisfy me is a decent burger and a co..

Hey, look, more snow on the way! Yay! Now go kill yourself.

02/19/2014 12:23:25 PM

Well, here we are on February 16th here in NYC and it’s 24 degrees this morning. Sure, it is only February which is winter you know. Hey, I’m not complaining since at least it’s not snowing. I don’t mind the cold air and it is sunny outside. I think all of us in this part of ..

Feeding your inner Argentinian carnivore at Libertador NYC!

02/19/2014 12:22:04 PM

I woke up this morning after a food coma last night feeling as if I ate a whole cow. I think I was moo-ing in my sleep. Walked by this place hundreds of times as I live a few blocks away. Too bad the weather is still a snowy slushy mess. If it was a nice night out it is a perfect spot to sit outside..

A Manly Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Romance in NYC.

02/19/2014 12:20:51 PM

Ok, here we go with another Valentine’s Day (massacre) again. I have yet to buy a card or set up flowers to be delivered. Yes, I am one of those dudes that wait all until the last possible minute to actually hit a store and get something for my gal. I mean, what’s the big deal with women..

Infection Reflection: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Interrupted

02/13/2014 08:28:54 AM

Infection Reflection As I write this, my head is bobbing slightly.  My jaw under my right row of lower molars is painfully infected and the teeth above it are broken and cavity filled.   One normal molar with some beginning decay lies in the middle of the two hopeless ones, and they are oo..

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