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Bondurants – beer, cocktails & whiskey love in my NYC hood!

05/02/2014 18:07:37 PM

Oh Yorkville, you are making me even love you more. Bondurants is an awesome new bar addition in the area! Super craft beer selection that rotates weekly. Superlative whiskey list. Some terrific house cocktails to choose from along with a small eclectic food list. Inviting rustic decor wit..

Spring is in the air so it’s Breakup Season in NYC!

05/02/2014 18:06:38 PM

There seems to be something in the air. I have viewed this recurring scene what seems like over and over on the streets of NYC during the Spring season many times over the years I have lived here. Couples fighting. In public. One calling the other a few choice names. An exasperated look on..

Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna under the Grand Chapiteau in NYC!

05/02/2014 18:05:38 PM

Both my gal and I have seen many Cirque Du Soleil shows over the years and I can undeniably say that I am a big fan. So when we were offered the chance to attend the premier night event and afterparty of course we jumped at the opportunity as we had not seen Amaluna before. We knew we were in for a ..

Fire, Frozen Zombies, and Tiki Love at Zombie Hut NYC!

04/22/2014 20:21:30 PM

If and when the Zombie apocalypse happens I will be ready and waiting at the Zombie Hut on Smith Street in Brooklyn  NYC. Just have the bartender light up the bar on fire and let the fun begin! How can you not love a tiki hut bar centered right in Brooklyn? Cheap ass beer list with some quality..

Why the heck am I putting myself through this?

04/18/2014 14:39:31 PM

Why are you doing this? Why are you putting your body through this? I get asked these questions quite frequently when people hear that I am constantly hitting the weights in the gym, or out running three to five miles a night to get ready to participate in a Tough Mudder on July 12. Honestly, t..

Las Vegas you’re a dirty whore but I love you!

04/16/2014 17:43:22 PM

Vegas baby, Vegas! We meet again. Oh how I love thee you dirty bitch! Being that I am once again in Las Vegas attenting another convention for work I figured I’d give a shout out to my favorite place to work and play. This pretty much sums it up every time I step off that airplane at..

SHHHHHH… quiet and drink your beer at Burp Castle NYC.

04/16/2014 17:42:01 PM

Small, dark, dank, crowded, hot inside. SHHHHHH! Drinking Youngs Chocolate Stout makes it all a heavenly experience! I had not been to Burp Castle in years, and honestly, not much has changed. Still has the terrific and fun murals of Monks engaged in all kinds of scenes and religious scene..

OPA! Some Greek pastry delights in Astoria, NYC!

04/16/2014 17:41:04 PM

Big Fat Greek Wedding in Astoria style Jersey Shore fist pumping music dessert cafe. OPA! Holy diabetes they have a ridiculous amount of desserts on display here! As we walked byOmonia Cafe after leaving a nearby event we were craving some coffee and were lured in by the never ending amount of ..

Iron Chef reigns supreme in NYC – Morimoto!

04/16/2014 17:40:17 PM

Iron Chef Cuisine Reigns Supreme! Having dined at Morimoto in NYC on a few separate occasions I must admit to having a rocking time at both! The most important thing to remember is to make sure you get a seat at the sushi bar! This is where all the action happens and the chefs will ch..

Holy crap my cell phone died! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

04/16/2014 17:39:22 PM

There is nothing more terrifying than having your cell phone die on you! In this day and age of being connected 24/7 the ability to tap a few aps, access a phone list, use social networking, or surf the net with the touch of a finger is a godsend to me as I am always using them, as are many others o..

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