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My first article as a freelance writer...

10/31/2012 23:15:17 PM

It feels good to finally brave it out and send a pitch to an up and coming online mag that's dedicated to the African American LGBT community. The webiste is, and it focuses on many aspects of the black gay male experience. At first, I doubted my abilities to write som..

A Letter to the Teenage Version of Me

10/30/2012 09:48:16 AM

Today, Emily Freeman from Chatting at the Sky asked us to link up and post a letter to our teenage selves.  This is to celebrate her book, Graceful, which is the teenage-version of her other book, Grace for the Good Girl.  Along with a lot of other things, I wish t..

Fortuner VNTurbo SUV Terbaik Toyota

10/27/2012 09:31:20 AM

GRAND NEW FORTUNER VNTurbo dari Toyota kembali meramaikan bursa persaingan otomotif segmen Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) di tanah air. Fortuner SUV dengan VNTurbo ini merupakan inovasi terbaru Toyota guna meningkatkan performa sempurna untuk produk mobilnya. Mengusung perubahan yang signifikan p..

Gender Specific Chores

10/25/2012 08:54:36 AM

In most households the burden of the domestic chores in shared responsibility between the man and the woman. But in the majority of families the house chores and tasks aren't perform together and instead are divided by genders. While women are more commonly associated with the cooking and cleaning a..

Serene Sunday - How to Encourage

10/21/2012 09:56:33 AM

Serene Sunday - you can find serenity in learning how to encourage another person. Throughout the month of October, I have been devoting the Serene Sundays to encouragement. The previous posts have dealt with why you should encourage and who you should encourage. This week's article is about h..

French Journalist Lost in Cymru/Wales

10/18/2012 19:33:07 PM

I wrote this 3 years ago but somehow it got misplaced: A customer brought a French publication into the bar for me to read entitled 'Midi Olympique Magazine'.dated Oct 5, 2009. Apparently Hirwaun is in the heart of the Rhondda Valley at the extreme south-west of the Principality where all the mines ..


10/15/2012 13:14:11 PM

  Sept. 1979 > Jan. 2010: Running bar in Breton countryside. Jan 2010: Pub burnt down, stupidly not insured for loss of earnings, under-insured for contents, used spare time to photograph Brittany Aug 2010: Money ran out, advised to contact social worker, continued to photograph Brittany eve..

Portugal (2) A Month in the Sun

10/15/2012 13:03:51 PM

I received a call from Gareth in Cardiff to go to Portugal as an unpaid consultant but with board & lodge and petrol re-imbursed in order to help his girlfriend Dale who was starting up the 'Arco Bar' at Tavira in the Algarve. I waited until an advance came through from Rudi then on Sunday 2 Sep..


10/15/2012 12:59:03 PM

The pub doesn't open till 10pm, so there is plenty of time to spend around Tavira, it's full of snack bar cafes & restaurant(e)s with nobody inside, but everyone eating and drinking under the constant sun in the sweltering temperatures (I'm not complaining). We have developed a routine of coffee..

Gourin to Portugal

10/15/2012 12:44:52 PM

 I went to the music festival in Gourin on Sunday, the competition for the best pipers in Brittany, but didn't stop for the fest-noz (Breton dance) because it would have taken me over the limit for the drive to Portugal, unfortunately I might have already been a bit over, anyway, I drove off, g..

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