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Terrific Tuesday - Imagination

09/04/2012 07:56:30 AM

Terrific Tuesday - I love my imagination, it is terrific. A few weeks ago a Facebook friend shared with me a Vlog she had done asking a group of women to name something at which they excelled. She talked about how the group of incredible women were reluctant to talk about what they thought was good..


09/04/2012 03:07:06 AM

The above quote by Deepak Chokra perfectly captures our deep sense of gratitude today and how, as we remain open in a state of thankfulness, we also leave ourselves open to appreciating and harnessing our world's ability to awaken the power, wisdom and creativity within us. Bring it, Guangzhou...we'..

Serene Sunday - Happy Hour - A Good Book

09/02/2012 09:23:24 AM

Serene Sunday - for me, serenity can be found in a good book.Each Sunday throughout the month of September I will be exploring ways to find serenity in one hour or less. This week, I am finding serenity in reading a good book.  I have been reading books since I was three years old. I have alwa..

Fantastic Friday - Being a Friend

08/31/2012 07:48:58 AM

Fantastic Friday - it is fantastic to know that you are a friend and that you have a friend. Every Fantastic Friday post throughout the month of August have all been about friendship. I have written about listening, leaning, being frank and helping. Today, in the last of the August Fantastic Friday ..

Battling Writer's Block: The Blank Page

08/30/2012 04:03:06 AM

Stephen King. Love him, hate him, sneer at him all you want for being the sell-out poster boy of airport bookstore fiction but the guy is one of the most prolific writers of our time and has, arguably, almost singlehandedly changed the landscape of the horror fiction literary genre. Being an avid fi..

Canada eh?

08/28/2012 22:53:26 PM

Canada is an amazing place to live.  The one challenge we have comes in white and ice and minus degree weather from December to February.  And when I say white, I mean snow. And in some parts of our country you can climb your roof, which now doubles as a snow slide into the snow bank. But ..

Many more...

08/25/2012 17:22:24 PM

More and more fun stuff coming your way! Dont touch the unsuscribe button! Read this article about Abuja Nigerias' capital . A week after Nigerian oil unions stopped delivering fuel to the capital, Abuja is reeling. Union leadersin the oil industry said the move is intended to strike at the governme..

Sensational Saturday -The Gift of Whimsy

08/25/2012 08:01:21 AM

Sensational Saturday - it is sensational to celebrate the gift of whimsy. Each Sensational Saturday during the month of August these posts have talked about gifts. Each of the gifts talked about and discussed were pretty serious and important, life, friendship and children. The gift to be discussed ..

Serene Sunday - Journaling

08/19/2012 07:45:06 AM

Serene Sunday - sometimes you can find serenity by keeping a journal and using it on a regular basis.Many young girls have kept diaries and have written their secrets on pretty pastel pages. Young girls often find comfort in writing down their secret thoughts an dreams for the future. As those young..

You've Crossed The Line

08/16/2012 23:08:24 PM

Ahh…yet another beautiful day in the life of a bitch pad rider. How I got so lucky to have this amazing escape into my own little world of thought is beyond me…but I’ll take it. That’s how every 30 minutes starts out with me when I sit on the back…and then usually th..

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