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What is the biggest regret of your life?

01/29/2013 10:16:20 AM

A couple of years ago, I read this article on Psychology Today that summarized research results from hundreds of people on “the biggest regret of their life.” From the article, people’s biggest regrets boiled down to the following four categories: 1. Education — In ..

Oral Sex Tips & How To Give A Mind Blowing Blow Job!

01/25/2013 03:42:22 AM

Oral sex can be very intimidating. A lot of women are uncertain or tense when it concerns fellatio, even although they really want to delight their lovers. This act does not have to be stressful though. Reading thru these oral sex tips and advice will give you more confidence. The most signific..

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back With A Simple Letter?!

01/23/2013 01:17:10 AM

Are you on speaking terms with your ex girlfriend? Does she ignore your text messages? WELL….. I want to let you in on a little secret…. If you REALLY want to get our girlfriend back, sit down and pour your heart out on paper. If you don’t like it, or think it sounds dumb, it doe..

Why Do I Want My Ex Back?

01/23/2013 01:06:04 AM

It's tough! Going through a break up can hurt like hell some times, and you'll find yourself wondering if you'll ever get over them. Time passes, and you still find yourself thinking of your ex partner a good amount of time, and you begin wondering what you can do to get them back. Before embarking ..

Methadone: Love Hate Relationship

01/16/2013 13:11:19 PM

I often wonder if I did the right thing getting on methadone, or if I just took the easy way out. At the time it wasn't even a decision. It kinda just happened. Well not that easy of course but in my mind there wasn't any other possibility. It was either keep doing what I was do..

What Goes Up Must Come Down

01/16/2013 13:10:24 PM

Every high has its downer. At some point it comes down too,  Is the high worth the downer and all the guilt that comes with it ? At first when things weren't too bad the downer wasn't a problem, I could stop when it got late and go to bed without any negative thoughts keepi..

Learning How to Love

01/16/2013 13:09:19 PM

Learning your role in a relationship is difficult enough all by itself,  add to that a mind that's completely revolving around drugs and learning how to be in a healthy relationship isn't easy. Even the basics get more difficult. In my first relationships I didn't..

A Change Of Fate

01/16/2013 13:04:20 PM

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a couple tears running down my cheeks as if trying to escape my mind. Running away from the awful feelings my dream had caused. The possibility of a change of faith and its consequences had me feeling uneasy. A lesson my mind sees fit to teach me..

How The New Year Can Benefit You.

01/11/2013 15:50:12 PM

For some, the concept of the new year is refreshing perhaps because the just concluded year has been good or because lessons have been learnt from some mistakes made and so the new year is seen as a chance to do better and improve. To others, there is just no cause for celebrating new year myths. In..

Romancing The Bitch Pad

01/11/2013 13:13:25 PM

I remember the first ride on the bitch pad.  My boyfriend, whom you all know now as my husband Bart, picked me up.  His first passenger on his new bike.  The bitch pad was a simple seat, no sissy bar, no gel comfort, just a "pad".  I sat with anticipation wrapping my arms around..

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