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What Happens when You Mix Gamble and Chores?

Posted on 04/09/2013 07:53:04 AM

Relationships use love, deep sentiment and care as foundations to soar high - stable and majestic for the whole world to see. However, every construction hides a secret weakness. In the case of relationships, domesticity erodes the strong foundation and threatens the whole structure's integrity. Big..

'Tis The Season!

Posted on 04/07/2013 04:30:37 PM

'Tis the season to work on your exorcism impressions - because you have to have eyes all around your head this time of year! Spring is here and we are heading out on our newly washed and chromed up motorcycles.  This also means,  so are the drivers in their cars.  And we know as soon ..

Pokemon gameboy shirt

Posted on 04/07/2013 02:07:13 PM

So, my first advertisement on my Etsy shop is this Pokemon clothing. I was stirred by, I think my most pleasurable game of all time, Pokemon yellow. I enjoyed how Pikachu followed you just about everywhere you travelled and how you could communicate to him and discover how he was. It really seeme..

Spring Into Action in the Face of Fear

Posted on 04/05/2013 10:51:43 AM

It is magnificent to spring into action in the face of fear! There are many situations in life that require a person to take action, and to take that action, now even in the face of fear. Fear is commonly defined as the state of being afraid or apprehensive. Taking action now means that you mov..

Why Make The Rat Race Worse Than It Is?

Posted on 04/04/2013 11:01:37 AM

As I travel back and forth to work each day it never ceases to amaze me the things I see on the NYC subway. In just these past few days back at work after the Easter weekend I have viewed Subway Douchebaggery at it’s finest! Here’s a quick rundown of some things that people hav..

Spring into Family Improvements with Compliment Day

Posted on 04/04/2013 06:35:47 AM

You can find serenity in having compliment day with your family. Sometimes, when there is more than one child in a family, sibling rivalry occurs and the children will bicker and argue with each other. Often when that bickering and arguing occurs, it tends to drive a mother off the ledge into i..

Liquid crack and pretzel croissants. Oh hellz yes.

Posted on 04/02/2013 09:17:49 AM

Well, it’s April 1st and time to start really taking a cold hard look at my eating habits. Time to reevaluate what I am putting in my body and my fitness goals. With summer just around the corner I want to rock the six-pack, and not hide the bod from view. I know what to do, how to eat, how to..

"When I was 19..."

Posted on 04/02/2013 08:56:12 AM

My sister turned 19 last Friday.  I always felt that was a weird age.  Stuck in the limbo of 18′s “I’m an adult!!” and 21′s “Oh wait, now I’m actually an adult?!”  It’s kind of like the twilight zone. The birthday struck up a ..

If you ever want to eat a cow, this is the place to go!

Posted on 03/31/2013 01:38:15 PM

Due to my eating exploits around New York City I have an abundance of foodie memories, gastronomic comas, and not to mention a few extra inches around my waist. From simple eats, to comforting meals, to all out disgusting pig-outs. Therefore, these are the experiences that will be henceforth locked ..

Grumpy Cat Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Us New Yorkers

Posted on 03/30/2013 10:59:41 AM

Are New Yorkers really that grumpy? Are we really as rude as the movies and tv portray us? Well, kinda. Sometimes. I happen to see things going on week in and week out all around my travels in NYC. Perhaps we just can’t help ourselves lately as many of us are on a short fuse with this long win..

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