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Projectile blog vomiting all over NYC for two years now!

10/07/2014 14:06:29 PM

Has it really been two years since I started posting my ridiculous thoughts, observations, gluttony, and depravity on this blog The Regular Guy NYC? Looking back over my scribble it just so happens that October is my two year anniversary of this madness that I have been vomiting out all over th..

The Guthrie Inn – a hidden gem for a proper libation in NYC.

10/07/2014 14:04:57 PM

Speakeasy type bar on the nether regions of the Upper East Side that you can occassionally find me face down at. In a good way! Not much up this way other than the terrific Earl’s Beer and Cheese. It’s right next door and the area it’s in looks like an underdeveloped country. The v..

Itchy campy fun in NYC because of Bedbugs!!! The Musical.

10/07/2014 14:03:06 PM

We have all seen the reports here of the bedbug infestation that is plaguing NYC over these past few years. Now the scare was recently heightened even more with reports of these blood sucking nasty critters on the N and R subway lines. Jeezus – we can’t even ride the rails..

Pedophiles Are the Nicest People

09/25/2014 16:04:41 PM

Take a moment to ask yourself a question. Do you know anyone who is a pedophile or a child pornographer? Give it some thought. Chances are, you may, but you'd never know it just as the parents of six 10-11-year-old girls in a science class in an elementary school didn't know about their teacher. Hig..

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude when Everything Points to the Opposite

09/17/2014 15:05:07 PM

I find it ironic that I felt called, when lying in bed this morning before getting up, to write a post today about focusing on the positive, and then I opened up my email and saw that the Daily Mentor Moment from Quanta was on just this topic…. The message could not be clearer that ..

The 9-year-old "Killer"

08/28/2014 10:55:59 AM

The word "killer" carries with it endless probabilities for present and future life difficulties for anyone who has that appellation applied to them. Killers are avoided, shamed, run out of neighborhoods, hounded by anyone who believes they can get away with it and generally lead lives on the margin..

Jiminy Cricket is a Liar!

08/26/2014 19:13:58 PM

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are...When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true!  Shut up, Jiminy! You know that ain't true. You're a BUG. You couldn't be a lawyer or a banker or a doctor if you wished on every star in the galaxy! Cool hat, though.I'm s..

What Does Your Ringtone Say About You?

08/26/2014 16:49:33 PM

Cell phones are everywhere and we wonder now how we ever got along without them.  Looking back just a few years, did you see that huge, walkie-talkie-like device Michael Douglas totted with him on the beach in "Wall Street?" It looked like he was calling in a position for a rocket or something...

From the Madness of NYC comes 300 Blog Posts.

08/26/2014 00:13:25 AM

So, how did this actually happen? I’m far from being a writer, and would not even attempt to place that label on myself. At times I find it hard to put together proper sentence structure. Heck, I can barely speak English. More like a babbling idiot that somehow scribbles his thoughts onto pape..

The Penrose – a bit of downtown cocktail vibe on the UES.

08/26/2014 00:11:37 AM

Ok, to me it’s more like 3.5 stars, and I’m not all goo goo gushy about The Penrose as most are who seem to rave about the place, yet I’ll bump it to 4 stars for the cocktails! Sure, it’s a wonderful addition to the exploding UES/Yorkville bar and foodie scene but t..

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