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How to Make Your Own Carpet Stain Pre-treater

11/26/2013 01:34:53 AM

     Carpets cannot stay clean forever without proper maintenance (which is why I keep away from them). When a drink or food is spilled on a carpet, you should act as soon as possible to prevent stains from settling and liquid from seeping down to the carpet pad, where it can be ..

How to Removing Coffee Stains from Carpet and Upholstery

11/20/2013 04:54:42 AM

Favoured in many countries by millions of people coffee is something most of us can't live without. Not only it tastes good but it's main characteristic is to activate the brain and tell the body it is time to get up and start the day. Some people are even addicted to caffeine and refuse to do anyth..

Backing Soda and Vinegar Are not Universal Cleaners

11/20/2013 04:45:13 AM

Before you close the page because you're convinced baking soda and vinegar are the ultimate cleaners and you can sue then in the entire house, let me tell you they're not. I also prefer to use homemade green recipes but sometimes you can't use those two ingredients. Moreover there are other alternat..

How to Move a Kitchen

11/20/2013 02:08:21 AM

I'm finally moving to my new place and now it's time to pack and pack and... Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?! That's what goes in my head every time I have to move. How many, you ask? Six! I'm already feeling like a nomad, so when you're in need of an advice on moving, I might be just the..

Cleaning Candy And Makeup Stains

11/13/2013 09:17:16 AM

I know it is a little late to write about this topic but I really want to share it with you becasue for me the best time of the year is when Halloween comes. I adore the excitement of both children and parents. All the preparation is so much fun, the pumpkin Jack O'lanterns, costumes, decoration, ma..

What to Look for While Apartment Hunting

11/13/2013 07:23:05 AM

You wanna know a thing or two about apartment hunting? You came to the right place! Many people think they know what to look for when apartment hunting. Believe me, I was one of those guys. Always going to the flat and saying - I'll check the plumbing, the bed, the windows. Look at me! I know it all..

3 Safe Methods to Dispose of Waste Materials

11/13/2013 07:08:50 AM

Proper rubbish disposal is important in this modern age where population and industrialization is growing at an alarming rate. It is due to modernization that the creation of waste has also significantly increased. A large percentage of the waste is harmful to the environment which is why proper tec..

4 Steps to Cleaning a Vacuum Brush

11/12/2013 06:33:25 AM

For all of you, who have a vacuum cleaner in their house (not me - thanks to my "no carpets" rule, I clean sufficiently and faster with just a mop), I have a good article for you on how to clean up your brush extension. A vacuum brush has the leading role in the vacuuming process of carpets. Th..

Keeping a personal journal

11/12/2013 05:59:31 AM

Do you write a journal? I recommend keeping a personal journal and in my eBook Feel and Rebuild Self-Confidence I explain why it is important because of the healing effect that it is has - getting something out of your head and onto paper - also because a journal can play a significan..

How To Keep Your Domestic Carpet Clean In The Winter

11/11/2013 09:45:53 AM

Keeping your home carpet clean is tough but not impossible if you know how to do it properly. Besides the obvious benefits of living in a clean home, there is a financial one. The better care you take for it the longer it will serve you. Unless, you have loads of cash. Learning a few essential clean..

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