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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Posted on 01/20/2016 03:45:06 PM

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I know that the "City of Angels" can be treacherous when trying to navigate our busy surface streets and freeways.  This especially true in the winter months where rain makes roadways slick and snarls traffic.  Unfortunately, L.A. has hundreds of traffic ...

Getting Your Forklift Licence On The Sunshine Coast

Posted on 11/17/2015 06:55:56 PM

For you to be allowed to operate a forklift in Australia, you must hold the proper licence for it. This is because forklift operation is classified as “high-risk work” by the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulator. The special license is required to ensure both your safety and that of the ...

California 2030 Climate Goals: Transportation Fuel Use

Posted on 07/21/2015 06:06:39 AM

The California transportation system is going through a transformation in response to climate change concerns.  37% of California greenhouse gases come from the transportation sector and 90% of those transportation emissions come from on-road vehicles. In a very short timeframe, efficiency, electrification ...

The world première of the final Bugatti Veyron in Geneva

Posted on 03/19/2015 06:02:24 AM

The 450th Veyron: Grand Sport Vitesse “La Finale” As the world waits for the arrival of the Ciron, Buatti has announced that the sun has officially set on that car’s predecessor, the Veyron. After 10 years of setting speed records around the world, Bugatti has produced the final Veyron ...

Protect Your Cargo By Using Truck Tarps

Posted on 07/14/2014 01:26:51 PM

As a trucker hauling cargo over long distances, keeping your load safe and protected is a major priority. Weather elements such as rain, snow and strong sunshine can cause damage to the load being transported. The best way to keep your cargo from losing its value is by covering it with a truck tarp. ...

Collision Repair Company Qualifications: What Should You Look For?

Posted on 05/15/2014 06:47:55 PM

Much like the dentist, an auto body repair professional is someone you never particularly want to see, but sometimes it’s inevitable. When you do need to find a reputable collision repair service in your area, knowing what type of qualifications and certifications to look for can make the difference ...

Top 10 Tips To Select The Best Body Shop For Your Car

Posted on 05/09/2014 05:47:51 PM

When you're looking for a body shop, you may be at a disadvantage. Unless you have frequent accidents or are the type of fastidious car owner who runs to the body shop for every tiny scratch, you may not have a good idea of what to look for in a shop or how much you should expect to pay for the work ...

Auto Care You Should Never Skip

Posted on 05/07/2014 01:44:42 PM

Do you really need to fix that tiny crack in the windshield if it’s not spreading and doesn’t impact your vision? Is it really necessary to fix that dent in the bumper if you have no hopes of selling your old faithful for a decent profit? The answer “it depends” applies for many ...

Quality Custom Auto Paint

Posted on 03/21/2014 03:11:23 PM

A new coat of paint can make an old car look new again. Fancy custom auto paint jobs and unique colors can make a statement and help you really stand out. If you’ve been considering a new color for your ride, a little forward thinking could help you maximize resell value and steer clear of some ...

Transfer Case Care for AWD and 4WD

Posted on 03/10/2014 06:01:34 PM

Four-wheel-drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles are great for people who live in heavy snow conditions (pretty much anywhere in the US after the 2013-2014 winter) or who do a lot of off-road driving or towing. These vehicles also require more maintenance and will act up if transfer case fluid ...

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