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Guest Post from Kina... (My Dog)

07/02/2013 08:04:19 AM

This week at Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, one of the prompts is: Introduce a pet. I figured that Ms. Kina herself might do better justice to this introduction… so here she is! *** Heyyo! I’m Kina — formerly known as Sweetie by my old owner because I’m really ..

Doggie Fashion is Not Just for Small Dogs

06/26/2013 11:42:22 AM

Do you think doggie fashion is just for small dogs? If so, think again! When people hear the term “doggie fashion” usually their first instinct is to think of a cute little Chihuahua in the purse of a Hollywood heiress. Though a lot of the fashionable items for dogs are made for the..

Are You Ready For a Dog?

06/19/2013 07:53:13 AM

There are some very important things in your life that you should "Measure twice and cut once!". Such things as buying a new house, getting married to your first love, quitting your job, having a baby and of course, getting a dog. I wrote a dog, right after a baby, on purpose. I did it because, get..

4 Items You Must Have for a New Puppy

06/12/2013 10:37:30 AM

New addition in the house in the form of a cuddly, loving puppy?  That means that you need to make sure that you are looking into the options that are out there for items you need.  Understand what are the best options for a new puppy and what you need to have so that you have a puppy that..

Items that Increase a Dog’s Comfort

06/11/2013 10:03:45 AM

If you are looking to be sure that you are able to make your dog items that are going to help their comfort levels.  That way, you know that they are always comfortable no matter where they are and what they are doing.  You want to be sure that you are truly finding out what is going to ma..

A Cautionary Tale For All Animal Lovers and Softies.

06/07/2013 19:00:05 PM

Are you are an animal lover like me, especially when it comes to strays? I know that in my case, just one piteous glance sends me scurrying for food, water and a comfy blanket, even if that stray is a mangy, flea-bitten, runny eyed, wild, tom cat. Well I think that after yesterday, I ha..

Helping the Animals of the Moore Tornado

06/04/2013 00:58:38 AM

Sometimes there are surprises when I choose stillness.  I opted out of Memorial Day traffic this morning and was on posting in my jizoandchibi Facebook sangha, when a box appeared from my friend Christina Parker, adding me to a group.  I always opt out of groups immediately.  Too ..

Homemade Dog Food for Dogs

06/02/2013 08:56:39 AM

You want to make sure that you are feeding your dogs really good food that is really good for them. Today, there are so many horror stories about the food that dogs eat, what it is made of, and how sick that dogs are getting. If you are a great pet owner, you are doing everything in your power to tr..

Invite Wildlife into Your City Garden

05/28/2013 04:46:20 AM

Having an urban garden doesn’t necessarily mean you miss out on the local wildlife. A garden in a city can still attract a variety of animals and insects if you add some small features and know what to plant.  Don’t tidy up: wildlife love to explore a range of plants and flower..

Traveling With your Dog

05/22/2013 10:29:17 AM

There are points where you are going to throw your dog in the car and head off on a road trip, it happens.  Either you don’t want to leave them at the doggy daycare, or you are going for a longer period of time and want to take them with you.  It is something that can be really fun t..

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