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This Picture Says It All

10/16/2011 14:39:27 PM

This poor little turtle sure wishes people would recycle. Look at what happened to him because someone neglected to cut up this six-pack ring holder and recycle it. It's common for sea life to get entangled, unable to free themselves from these plastic holders. They'll become permanently attach..

Different Types of Rabbit

10/11/2011 01:31:12 AM

Rabbits are one of the most beautiful creatures found in nature that attract the attention of many animal lovers. Various types of rabbits are found in nature and are classified according to the presence or absence of normal fur. Enthusiasts who want to pet rabbits can select from the available vari..

Travelling with your dog in India

10/10/2011 20:36:53 PM

After two years travelling with our fawn Labrador, Abroozi, we've come to the conclusion that as much as you might love to explore this beautiful country, other travellers and locals might not be so keen on your furry companion in tow. How can people ignore stray dogs but a dog on a lead petrifi..

Submarine versus the Tsunami

10/10/2011 20:26:02 PM

This is a guest article, written by my dear husband, Commander Aswan Korula about his unique experience on board the Foxtrot submarine INS Vela on December 26, 2006. There isn’t one of us who hasn’t had to listen to a submarine ‘old timer’ going on and on about the beauty..

Canine Hot Spots and the Wonders of Neem

10/10/2011 20:21:25 PM

A couple of months back we noticed that our Abroozi was scratching, itching and biting himself a lot more than usual. All dogs scratch and itch but one should always be on the look out for excessive scratching. While brushing him we noticed very red almost volcanic bumps under this hair, in the ..

The Immortal Jellyfish

10/10/2011 03:11:51 AM

The search for the fountain of youth has been ongoing ever since man decided that dying wasn’t all that appealing. And now, it appears that this elusive holy grail has been found, albeit by a species that is not ours! So who is the lucky winner of the everlasting life sweepstakes? None ot..

Finding the perfect dog sitter

09/30/2011 06:25:08 AM

Dog sitting is an option which is ideal for your dog.  Dog sitters are those who will make sure that your dog is in safe hands and will keep your dogs company when you are away.  Since dogs are naturally friendly and will welcome most who their owner trusts, it is usually easy for a Dog si..

Living PoNo: the natural life of Jason Scott Lee in Hawaii (video)

09/29/2011 02:40:19 AM

Jason Scott Lee is an American actor famous by his leading roles in movies such as Rapa Nui, The Jungle Book or Dragon, the Bruce Lee Story, among others. Although the Hollywood lifestyle seems to have very little in common with a self-sufficient natural life, the truth is that  J. S...

Dog walkers – to keep your dog fit and fine

09/28/2011 05:54:44 AM

Dog walking Atlanta is a pet service which is sure to delight every dog owner.  There are going to be many times when you are unable to give your pet everything it needs and when these times arise you want to be sure that someone can fill in for you.  One instance is when you are unable to..

The Almighty (almost) Hedgehog: Introducing My New Pet

09/23/2011 02:47:45 AM

"Touch me, and I will impale you so hard your grandchildren will perforate!" It's morbid, but you might hear that if the puffing white pin-cushion could talk instead of hiss. The defensive "huffing" isn't just show: this spiny tank bleeds with immunity to snake venom, and devours any animal smaller..

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