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Diatribe: Marijuana Vending Machines.

04/15/2014 16:11:16 PM

Back in my younger years, cigarettes used to be sold from vending machines in just about any place you could imagine.  A cigarette machine could be found at the entrance to almost every restaurant, bar, filling station and bowling alley.  Looking back, it seems like everyone smoked back th..

X Season

03/30/2014 09:39:05 AM

Picture this, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping away as usual and you can hear Summertime Sadnessblasting out of some car driving by your house. It’s a marvellous day to go outside, but you are stuck indoors. Why? Two words, X Season. Once again, you stuck inside trying..

Diatribe: Razor Blades Glued To Playground Equipment.

03/28/2014 12:03:49 PM

When I was a kid playgrounds were so much simpler than they are today.  Most had a slide, three or four swings and, usually, something to climb on.  At my grade school there were several sturdy sets of swings on long chains, a very high aluminum slide that got very, very hot on sunny sprin..

Ovation: Daylight Savings Time.

03/11/2014 13:55:40 PM

Daylight Savings Time started this morning.  There are many who think the practice of changing our clocks should be done away with.  In fact there proposed laws working their way through legislation in a couple of states in the U.S. that would keep daylight savings time year-round. Da..

Ovation: I Want You To Be Happy Day.

03/05/2014 13:52:58 PM

I can certainly be selfish and self-centered sometimes.  I try not to be, but sometimes I want my dinner served before the people at the next table, I hope that my number gets called first at the deli and I really need the driver in front of me to move over and stop blocking the passing lane be..

Diatribe: A Day As Bad As Yesterday Requires An Octo-Rant.

02/27/2014 12:16:07 PM

Some days it can be difficult to find something to complain about.  Sadly, these days don’t happen very often since there’s always traffic and politics but there are certainly good days.  Yesterday was not one of them.  There was so much foolishness happening around us tha..

Ovation: Made By Brad.

01/24/2014 12:30:00 PM

A couple of years ago, a road trip brought us past an IKEA store.  Not having one near our hometown, we decided to stop and check it out.  We were amazed by the amusement park-like atmosphere as well as some of the seemingly great deals that were found there.  Being careful to not buy..

Diatribe: Which Is Crazier? Lemonade Master Cleanse Or Anti-Marriage Equality Hunger Strike?

01/07/2014 14:26:59 PM

Two of the worst weeks of my life are the fourteen days that I spent on the lemonade master cleanse. The trendy detox cleanse made popular by celebrities such as Beyoncé consisted of three parts ... a lemonade-like beverage, a salt-water drink and an herbal laxative tea. The point of the clea..

What Time Is It?

01/01/2014 23:57:39 PM

The beginning of school for most of us is almost upon us and that means that most of us can’t sleep until noon and stay up until 4 am. For me and most teens, school takes up a large portion of our everyday life,  in between balancing school, hanging with friends and maybe a part time job...

Learning the Lingo

12/29/2013 18:25:00 PM

There are over 6,000 languages in the world, this compared to the billions of people roaming the Earth, while still a huge number, when you think about it isn't that much. Over the years, many languages have died off, therefore there are probably thousands less than there were before. Which, I for o..

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