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5 Historically Legendary Translation Blunders

Posted on 07/02/2012 11:33:42 AM

Whenever you have millions of people speaking different languages, miss-communication will always be the number one problem.  We rely on translators and interpreters to be the go-betweens; the rosetta stones, so to speak, of all the world’s people. However, these interpreters and translators ...

Apps for Apes: We speak with Orangutan Outreach initiative’s Richard Zimmerman

Posted on 07/02/2012 10:35:49 AM

by Vishal Mathur of Think Digit The iDevice isn’t limited to humans anymore! In an extremely innovative initiative, the Redapes organization is now deploying Apple iPads at various zoos across North America. The idea is to possibly create another medium by which the apes can communicate, ...

What Is The Difference Between Web 1.0 And Web 2.0?

Posted on 06/17/2012 12:35:13 PM

Summary: Web 2.0 involves interactive, useful sites as Web 1.0 involves simple point and click shopping and browsing. The world is in the midst of Web 2.0 as the old Web 1.0 has seen better days. Web 2.0 sites have social interaction, where Web 1.0 websites do not have much opportunity for anyone to ...

Mondovisione: tutto quello che c'e da sapere sugli occhiali

Posted on 05/14/2012 09:22:19 AM

Si chiama Mondovisione ed è il blog della vista. È una novità del web realizzata da Ottica Ricci, storico marchio senese con punti vendita in varie zone della città. Su Mondovisione, oltre alla storia della famiglia Ricci, informazioni e notizie sulla salute di occhi e vista ...

Apple Care Support Number

Posted on 04/19/2012 06:10:24 PM

Apple Care Support Number to Register your Product Whenever you buy an apple product such as an iPhone, iPod, iTouch or even the most complex machine of mac, you need to register your product to get the apple care support number utility. If you need to safeguard your device in the long run then you ...

How to promote Facebook pages

Posted on 11/21/2011 03:12:33 PM

What are Facebook pages Facebook pages are very popular promotion tool. You can make funny Facebook pages, and some of the best Facebook pages are listed on that website. But, problem occurs when we need to promote Facebook pages themselves. Usually, we use Facebook pages to promote websites, but there ...

''My Social Friendsbook'' official website opened

Posted on 03/16/2011 01:05:53 AM

What is Mysocialfriendsbook.com?Mysocialfriendsbook.com is a social networking site that aims to strengthen a sense of unity amongst believers in a way that connects vision with resources.A social networking site is a site where users can create personal profiles, post blogs, engage in forum discussions, ...

Join the Conflagration

Posted on 12/07/2010 10:07:40 AM

It seems nowadays that every site from Google to CNN to Ping, and all the other identical organizations who want me to visit their website and compete to stay relevant in adhering to the latest buzzwords and claptrap, are telling me to “join the conversation.”   Allow me a simpleton’s ...

Manage and update all your social media networks from one source

Posted on 10/19/2010 02:34:59 PM

If you are a business owner hoping to tap into social media to market your business  there are some shortcuts to help you reach out to your audience on the various social networking platforms (Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) without taking too much time from your already busy ...

Google Instant-ly Hated

Posted on 09/20/2010 07:01:30 PM

  Roominate Guest Blogger - Neil Jennings: Neil is a Bucknell University Student and student-employee at  the Bucknell Tech Desk where he solves technology based issues for students and staff. Here is Neil's take on Google Instant: I think it was yesterday that I did my normal ...

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