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Freelance Web Design: What To Do With Your Time in Between Projects

Posted on 12/08/2010 11:20:15 AM

As a freelance web designer, you probably know what I am talking about – those times when you find yourself wondering what to do next, whether it’s because you are in between projects or simply waiting for materials or approvals from clients, etc. There are many reasons for a “downtime” ...


Posted on 11/28/2010 05:02:01 AM

  1) Choose a good site for online contests (use the search engine at the top right) 2) Make sure you understand the brief in detail 3) Be original, not to copy but to produce a project 4) Participate in the contest immediately and not wait until it expires 5) Update on the progress of the ...

website templates design |website designing |Website development company|Seo services

Posted on 11/26/2010 11:43:26 PM

About us Web Reach Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing software services and solutions company operating in India. Web Reach Tech has been set up by a group of young, enthusiastic software engineers – who have collectively, more than 4 years of diverse experience in the software field ...

How I created DomainsFlow - Why You Should Use WordPress

Posted on 10/27/2010 11:59:07 AM

Many of my friends asked me how you did it, what do you need to run your own blog or site, is it difficult to learn and things like that. Well, first of all working with WordPress is very easy, doesn't require any special knowledge and the best thing it is absolutely free. The only expense is getting ...

a-z website development guide

Posted on 10/22/2010 05:35:03 PM

  Top list of tools, guide and website service providers @ www.BlueLangauge.com:   Domain Registrar: GodaddyBlog, Forum, basic hosting space and lot more are free with domain registration. #1 Service provider on internet Hosting: WebHostingPadLots of free stuff included when you buy a ...

Blog Your Blogz With UrBlogz.com

Posted on 10/09/2010 01:35:57 AM

About UrBlogz.com UrBlogz is about providing the best online blogging experience possible. _We constructed UrBlogz with the best of materials we could find and built it on a very sturdy foundation. Since acquiring our current web host, we can boast of 99.9% uptime, although monitoring reports indicate ...

Put adsense anywhere in your blogger post

Posted on 09/24/2010 06:14:02 AM

A lot of bloggers want to put AdSense ads in certain places in their subjects, written in blogger in order to improve profits and gain increased number of clicks. Here is an easy and unique way, which was discovered by myself Please note that this method is used with each subject separately Follow ...

Website Design For Non-Professionals - You Can Create An Attractive, Functional Website

Posted on 09/06/2010 12:30:31 PM

You're not a professional website designer and you certainly are not well versed in HTML, PHP, Ajax or javascript but you can design and build an attractive, functional website by simply paying attention to some important details.Let me start from the first consideration you should make about overall ...

How To Change Gravatar Size In Thematic Comments

Posted on 07/31/2010 02:47:57 AM

I was looking at the comment section of my theme and thought I change gravatar size in thematic comments. Why?  I love big avatars and I want to see everyone's lovely faces.  And me being graphic and all, I love details.  So if you ever drop a comment in my blog, be sure to wear your ...

Cool WebHosting Plan Web Hosting has everything you need

Posted on 07/16/2010 08:43:49 AM

Are you searching a beast web hosting plan, and you not decided which plan is best hosting plan. then you come right pleas i will tell you some web hosting plans a very reasonable prices, i 'll tell you top 10 web hosting plans and prices. bay Right pleas and save your money Get the perfect web ...

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