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How To Change Gravatar Size In Thematic Comments

07/31/2010 02:47:57 AM

I was looking at the comment section of my theme and thought I change gravatar size in thematic comments. Why?  I love big avatars and I want to see everyone's lovely faces.  And me being graphic and all, I love details.  So if you ever drop a comment in my blog, be sure to wear ..

Cool WebHosting Plan Web Hosting has everything you need

07/16/2010 08:43:49 AM

Are you searching a beast web hosting plan, and you not decided which plan is best hosting plan. then you come right pleas i will tell you some web hosting plans a very reasonable prices, i 'll tell you top 10 web hosting plans and prices. bay Right pleas and save your money Get the perfect web..

Download Best Wordpress Themes

07/07/2010 21:24:07 PM

The best wordpress themes in 2010 from UpThemes. All themes are updated for Wordpress 3.0+ and designed with Search Engine Optimized.     Aperturious Wordpress Theme DesignFolio+ Wordpress Theme Gallery ProWordpress Theme

How To Create Google Sitemaps In 7 Easy Steps

07/03/2010 10:04:43 AM

In case you haven't heard of Google Sitemaps (BETA), it is a new program set up by Google to encourage webmasters to create a special XML-format sitemap file for Google to spider through. If you go through the official page, you will find yourself boggled if you are not very good at programming.Than..

Authority Sites On The Rise

06/28/2010 10:25:22 AM

As Web 2.0 becomes less of just a buzzword and more of a reality, the types of sites webmasters need to publish will increasingly become more important. In other words, mini-sites are slowly dying and cookie-cutter article sites are on the way out as well. Web surfers will become more value-focused ..

5 Money-On-Demand Secrets To Creating Great Adsense Sites

06/28/2010 10:16:08 AM

The rage to milk money from Adsense continues into 2010. While there are many different ways to do this, it's no secret Google is keeping a watchful eye on spam sites which automatically generate pages consistently on a daily basis.Every now and then, Adsense 'experts' would introduce a 'fresh' new ..

How Video Sites could Benefit Online Presence.

06/09/2010 02:10:27 AM

No wonder, websites like YouTube and Ifilm are the most hit of the time. Online users are literally becoming maniacs of video featured websites. Soon the web industry will be completely taken by video featured assortments. Videos are diverse as people’s interest. From small feature films, clip..

Blog Gallery v2.1 – ThemeForest Premium WordPress Theme

06/02/2010 02:36:35 AM

Built for designers and artists in mind (individuals or agencies). The Blog Gallery theme is one of the most well configured theme out there. If you are a simple photographer, want to show case your work, get some rating from viewers, The Blog Gallery will give you a very nice presence online..

Business Cards for Effective Contact Management

06/02/2010 00:34:33 AM

One of the main purposes of business cards is that they help you grow your business and improve your network of business associates. Hence you should know how effectively you can use business cards for Effective Contact Management.Business CardsAs the name suggests business cards are cards that help..

A comparison between Commercial Open Source Web Development, CMS and E-Commerce Systems and existing Open Source Systems. Part-1

03/24/2010 09:18:13 AM

Recent New Comer WebriQ stirs the pot with their Disruptive Technology while the majority of people are still only discussing Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal as the three best Open source Content Management Systems. These systems will be reviewed through first hand experience. But, we will add to the..

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