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Backing up data from Android to Gmail- An Important Step

05/20/2013 13:09:51 PM

There are times that we want to change our mobile phones, and either wants to move to a different brand, or simply upgrade from the current mobile phone that we are using. At such times it is very important that we get a chance to get a backup of everything that we have on our old mobile phone. F..

Your First Online Shop – Get Started Guide

05/17/2013 08:49:36 AM

Ecommerce is huge these days, everyone is buying everything on the internet, so naturally many people would be looking to start up their own online shop. This is easier said than done though as there are quite a few considerations and specifics that go into making it happen. The first thing you have..

Step By Step Guide Making Residual Income with Affiliate Marketing

05/16/2013 10:02:46 AM

Affiliate marketing is something that many webmasters know how to do. They know what it is about, and what it takes to be successful. However, if you are new to the webmaster world, you may just be wondering how you can get into affiliate marketing and making an income on the side for yourself. Doin..

wireless network vs wired network

05/10/2013 08:48:00 AM

Mouse House is an IT company in Cape Town which specializes in IT support, IT services and IT solutions. Their IT support covers a number of areas, including: computer, remote IT, on-site, network, software and server. IT services on offer include: Firewalls, virus removal, website design, networ..

THE Lion Facebook MANIA....Demerits

04/26/2013 01:24:50 AM

THE Lion Facebook claims that it has 400 million users. But are they well-protected from prying eyes, scammers, and unwanted marketers?Not according to Joan Goodchild, senior editor of CSO (Chief Security Officer) Online.She says your privacy may be at far greater risk of being violated than you kno..

Spring into New Technology With Cloud Based Storage

03/29/2013 07:23:15 AM

It is terrific to spring into action by taking advantage of cloud based storage technology. Storage mediums for computers have changed drastically and over the course of the past twenty years. When I purchased my first computer 20 years ago, we used 5 inch floppy disks for storage. Later the floppy ..

Samsung Launches Rex Series – Rex 60, 70, 80, 90

03/14/2013 15:46:46 PM

Samsung has launches Rex Series, a new series of smart phones that combine intelligence and capability to deliver an accessible, next generation smartphone experience for all. This series has been packed with fetures and latest technologies to meet the daily mobile needs of the people. It’s s..

What are the Abuses of Information Technology in Relation to Business?

02/27/2013 02:45:41 AM

E-business is one of the aspects of E-commerce, which is the brotherhood of information technology to business management. The E-business with vast reach of web connects critical business with its critical constituencies. The internet have enhances and quickens modern business procedure and str..

ICANN Allows New Internet Suffix

02/26/2013 18:11:48 PM

ICANN, has just announced to allows hundreds new suffix. Just a short defenition of what ICANN is, here a shoet defenition about ICANN taken from Wikipedia : The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, /ˈaɪkæn/ eye-kan) is a nonprofit private organization headquartered i..

Submitted to stumbleupon and witnessed a sudden spike in visits ? Don't get excited.

02/14/2013 22:58:07 PM

Submitted to stumbleupon and witnessed a sudden spurt in visits ? Don't get excited. Though these visits add to your site visit count but they are not of much relevance. The spike comes and goes with the same good speed. Moreover i realized that the visitors don't even stay on site for long. I a..

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