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Creating your elevator pitch

11/15/2013 08:39:24 AM

Do you have an elevator pitch for your business, blog or website?   An elevator pitch should be part of your personal branding strategy, and a good one can help your business in many ways. It's callled an elevator pitch because it's ment to be short enough that you could explain your pitch in t..

Diatribe: Online Dating Only Works When You're Honest.

10/31/2013 13:29:35 PM

The first online dating service,, has been around since 1995.  The pioneer of the online dating industry now serves twenty-four countries and territories and hosts website in fifteen different languages.  They’ve also inspired many websites, apps and message boards where fo..

make money with your blog

10/09/2013 06:22:19 AM

12 things to keep in mind if you want to make money with your blog The theme of your blog: a blog for entertainment or provides a utility users will probably generate better profits. Think: what people searching for at your leisure time? Maybe look for some application, a game, so..

Learn About Systems Which Promote Empower Network

10/06/2013 11:33:32 AM

Empower Network got so popular in last 2 years that now there are a lot of websites and memberships which focus on EN promotion from their own funnel (sales system).   Let’s talk about some of the most notable ones.   Prosperity team is huge. They focus on the solo ads as a main vehi..

Check When A Website Was Created?

09/24/2013 16:29:43 PM

This website tells you when a website was created. Just click on the link above. The website would open and you would see a URL box. You need to type  in the url of the website you want to check. Then click on the “lookup”. A window..

How Web Hosting Can Affect Your SEO

09/06/2013 13:37:45 PM

There are hundreds of web hosting providers that a search engine optimization (SEO) expert can choose from. It seems like a very simple choice to make, but most of the time you can't just choose the lowest cost web hosting company. If you value how well you execute your SEO services, then you need t..

Learn About Empower Network 100-Day Commitment

08/25/2013 12:50:16 PM

Not even all members know about it. And that’s too bad, because this commitment will produce great results in your life, if you follow the advice given.   Basically, it’s all about blogging. Blogging every single day for 100 days in a row, using their viral blogging platform. Commit..

How PPV Networks Operate

08/25/2013 12:32:43 PM

PPV is a great paid traffic strategy. It’s quite overlooked, mostly because not much people are making money with it. PPV is pay per view and you are essentially paying for views and not clicks.   It works like that – when your visitor searches for a particular keyword in a set of p..

How to Paid Surveys and Survey Companies Work

08/23/2013 13:05:19 PM

In these financially difficult times everyone is looking for ways to make extra money. If you search the internet you will find many ways of making extra money online. People are making use of ideas as different as car boot sales and eBay to supplement their income. However, one of the best methods ..

Youtube Search Results – Learn How To Get On The Top!

08/18/2013 12:21:02 PM

Ranking your videos in Youtube is not as simple as it seems. While ranking in Google is quite straightforward, Youtube doesn’t rely on such things like on-page optimization and backlinks heavily. In fact, these factors don’t matter that much. What matters the most are social signals. &nb..

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