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iPad 3 Event Round-up

Posted on 06/14/2012 06:15:45 AM

So on Wednesday 7th march Apple announced the new iPad 3. The event started with Apple again stating that we are in a “post PC era” and their products (iPod, iPhone, iPad) are the leading devices in this era. In the last quarter of 2011 apple sold 62 million of these post PC products. Th..

Zagg LEATHERskins for iPhone Review

Posted on 06/14/2012 06:12:04 AM

Opening this product I was amazed at what I saw. Purely because I’ve never seen a product like this or imaged anyone doing this. Zagg leather skins are made from 100% genuine cattle-hide leather. This product is placed on the back of your device in the same way you would simply place an invisi..

Zagg Invisible Shield for iPhone Review

Posted on 06/14/2012 06:10:05 AM

Placing a 25-year guarantee on an invisible shield is a big statement to make. That is exactly what Zagg has done with their invisible shield range. Having its origins from the military and used to protect the high-speed helicopters, you truly will be protecting your device with the highest-grade ma..

Zagg Folio Case for iPad Review

Posted on 06/14/2012 06:05:08 AM

Being a university student, I use my iPad whenever I’m at lectures or researching in the library. Currently I just have a smart cover to protect the front of my iPad and use it as a stand, and then use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The Folio gives me full protection in terms of front and back..

OtterBox Reflex Series iPhone Case Review

Posted on 06/14/2012 06:03:11 AM

Again OtterBox have built a robust case that adds the maximum protection to your new device. Included in the box is their complimentary screen shield and cleaning cloth to go with the case it’s self. Their Reflex series is built with their rule-defying technology. Basically this case surrounds..

OtterBox Commuter iPhone Case Review

Posted on 06/14/2012 06:01:07 AM

Otterbox has traditionally made rugged cases that can protect your idevice from anything that’s thrown at it. The commuter series aims to still give this same level of protection but be more usable in terms of everyday usage. Included in the box are three elements that aid in protecting your d..

Konnet iCrado Plus Stand for iPhone

Posted on 06/14/2012 05:58:38 AM

Having such a beautiful device such as the iPhone, its only right that you would get an elegant stand for it to perch on. This is that stand that you would be looking for. Immediately the way it is presented in the clear plastic box, this stand screams class. An immediate surprise occurred when I to..

iPhone 4S Review

Posted on 06/14/2012 05:55:25 AM

A conversation between an iPhone 4s owner and a non-iPhone 4s owner. Non-4s owner: Oh is that the new iPhone 4s 4s owner: yes it is Non-4s owner: Ok, well it just looks the same as the 4 really doesn’t it?  They have not really done much with it. This is the start of a number of conv..

The Ultimate Tease...Samsung Galaxy SIII

Posted on 05/17/2012 08:19:17 PM

Hello folks! Been a while since I posted some exciting news, and actually the post today is about 3 days old or so, but work's been piling up and I joined a gym ;) Anyway, let's get straight to the point. Supposedly...the picture of one of the most anticipated Android devices this year..

ASUS again! With Jelly Bean?

Posted on 05/17/2012 08:18:35 PM

Hey folks! Work has been draining my freaking life force! Anyway, it's been a while since I posed something up and today I got some interesting rumor. Of course...it's a rumor so do not get tooooo excited, like me (-_-)" So, a few weeks back a rumor surfaced about the Galaxy Nexus Tab...or basic..

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