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How would you feel if after dreaming of accomplishing something your entire life you were able to experience your dream becoming a reality?

05/11/2013 10:25:04 AM

if after dreaming of accomplishing something your entire life you were able to experience your dream becoming a reality? What would it feel like watching your personal creation unfold from the deepest level of your soul and touch the lives of all of those around you? For those who have been blessed ..

American Dream Where Are You?

05/10/2013 11:13:38 AM

Do you still exist in the 21st Century? Why do you seem more elusive than ever before? What can be done to revitalize your spirit? As I continue to pursue my American Dream, I am fully aware of the stark differences and challenges that are present in today's society as opposed to even just a deca..

Mumpreneurs – are we the answer to the British economy?

05/03/2013 05:08:59 AM

I recently read an article about how "mumpreneurs" might be the answer to our struggling economy (http://news.sky.com/story/1065411/mumpreneurs-could-be-lifeline-to-recovery). Whilst I don’t particularly like the term “mumpreneur” (I am sure lots will disagree, but personally, I ..

What Are the Applications of Information Technology in Business?

02/27/2013 03:57:42 AM

Applications of information technology (IT) in business focus on managing IT applications and using IT to create business competitive advantages. Such as business-IT alignment, IT economics, and IT driven organizational change. Today’s businesses rely more heavily on technology than ever ..

Skills for Entrepreneurs

02/20/2013 17:03:17 PM

Today's world is not one that encourages anyone to sit with arms folded. Even with the prevalence of white collar jobs, it is expedient to acquire entrepreneurial skills, which can be used as a means of generating extra income. Records of the most successful men and women today do not reveal people ..

Keeping Up With Your Professional Brand

01/10/2013 18:37:40 PM

An important aspect of branding yourself is to keep up with your professional industry news. I can hear some of you saying of course I know my industry that’s how I brand myself. But often we fail to read and pursue the industry like the rookies do. Technology is growing leaps and bounds e..

Dream Big in 2013

01/10/2013 18:21:33 PM

Happy New year to all my friends, clients, Facebook fans, Google + Circle, and critics, I wish you all to live righteously and to dream big in 2013. Dream Big means something different to everyone, and I hope and pray you know what that something is for you personally. If you haven’t conside..

Why Should Businesses Use Instagram To Skyrocket Their Online Presence?

01/02/2013 13:39:05 PM

Instagram development began in San Francisco when Kevin Systrom and Brazilian Michel "Mike" Krieger chose to focus their multi-featured HTML5 check-in project Burbn on mobile photography.With over 100 million active users as of September 2012, Instagram is - without a doubt - one of the most succe..

Make AdSense Income With Classifieds

12/09/2012 22:47:34 PM

One of the easiest way we add to our montly adsense income is through our many classified websites.  We see our monthly income rise every month and we're always being asked "how do you do it?".   There's no such thing as throwing a website up and seeing instant money but with the smallest ..

Guest Blogging: A Advertising Approach to Marketing

12/06/2012 12:53:20 PM

Just to clarify i want to make sure that everyone here is on the same wavelength so in this blog post i will not only talk about how guest blogging can be used to advertise your business and increase traffic to your website thus increasing the amount of visitors to it, but also define the term and t..

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